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As`hmaree Chikitsaa

C.Chi.26, S.Chi.7, A.H.Chi.11, N.R. As`hmaree

The stone like structure formed in the Mootraas`haya and which obstructs the free flow of urine is termed as As`hmaree. Its a very serious disease which has a grave prognosis.

Vaataja, Pittaja, Kaphaja & S`hukraja these are the four types of As`hmaree.

Saamaanya Chikitsaa:
As`hmaree should be treated with drugs in its early stages but it should be removed by surgery in advanced stages (when it becomes too big).

Avasthikaa Chikitsaa:

As`hmaree should be treated by Siddha Ghrita, Kshaara, Kashaaya, Ksheera, Yavaagoo, Yoosha and Uttara Basti. The medicines and diet should be Vaata alleviating.

Charaka has suggested the following method for As`hmaree Nirharan`a The patient should consume Nigada, a type of Madya and then should travel on a very fast moving vehicle.

If all the above measures fail to expel the As`hmaree out of the body spontaneously then it should be extracted by surgery.

  • As`hmaree Nirharan`a S`hastrakarma:
  • For surgery perianal approach should be adopted.
  • Basti should be incised at Niraavaran`a area.
  • Basti should not be incised at two places if gets cut then it becomes Sadhyo Praan`ahara (life threatening).
  • The surgeon should take precaution not to injure the following eight vital parts during surgery. Sevanee (perineal raphe), S`hukraharan`ee Srotas (seminal vesicles), Phala (testes), Guda (rectum and anal sphincter), Mootraseka (urethra), Mootravaha (ureter), Yoni (uterus), Basti (bladder).

Pathya –

Dhaanya – Godhooma, Jeern`a S`haalee, Yava
S`haaka – Tan`d`uleeyaka, Aardraka, Gokshura, Varun`a, Paashaan`abheda,
S`himbee – Kulattha, Mudga
Maamsa – Jaangala Pas`hu Maamsa
Phala – Kushmaan`d`a,
Other – Madya, Yavakshaara, Basti, Virechana, Vamana, Langhana, Svedana, Avagaaha, Vaarisechana

Apathya –

Rasa – Kashaaya
Gun`a/ Karma – Rooksha, Guru, Avasht`hambaka, Viruddhaanna
Other – S`hushka, Paisht`ika Anna, Kharjoora, S`haaka, Kapittha, Jamboo, Mootra S`hukra Avarodha

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