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S.U.41/16; M.N. 10.14-20

S`hosha isdepletion of Dhaatus and hence Bala. Various types of S`hosha are explained in Sus`hruta Samhitaa according to their causes.

Types of S`hosha:

  1. Vyavaaya S`hosha
  2. S`hoka S`hosha
  3. Sthaavirya S`hosha Jaraa S`hosha
  4. Vyaayaama S`hosha
  5. Adhva S`hosha
  6. Upavaasa S`hosha
  7. Vran`S`hosha
  8. Urah Kshata S`hosha

Vyavaaya S`hosha
It manifests with the same symptoms as of S`hukra Kshaya like penile and scrotal pain. Antecedent Dhaatu get depleted also. Patient becomes pale / yellowish white.

S`hoka S`hosha
A person Sinked with thinking more and more gets depleted. But here no symptoms of depletion of semen are present; all other symptoms of Vyavaaya S`hosha are present.

Jaraa S`hosha
In old age a person gets emaciated. The strength, intellect, perceptive capacity all gets reduced. There is tremor, anorexia, voice like sound of broken bronze vessel (Bhinna Kaamsya Paatrahata Svarah). A person spits without Kapha. He suffers from heaviness, excessive discharge from mouth, nose and eyes while feces are dry. The complexion gets dulled.

Adhva S`hosha
Due to excessive walking a person sinks, body parts become inactive, Kloma and Gala (throat) become dry.

Vyaayaama S`hosha
A person due to excessive physical exertion gets the symptoms same as of Adhva S`hosha. It also resembles to Urah Kshata but without wound in the chest.

Vran`a S`hosha
Due to depletion of Rakta, pain and restrictions in diet, Vran`S`hosha occurs. This is incurable.

Urahkshata S`hosha
If a chest is injured due to excessive physical exercise, weight lifting, reading, trauma sexual activity, because of the wound in chest Kapha, Pus and blood comes out. While coughing yellow, red, black or reddish sputum expelled out. Due to the injury in the chest, he gets agonizing pain and then faints. Mouth and respiration have foul smell. The complexion and voice get spoiled.

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