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Chikitsaa Prakaara: Dhoomapaana (Medicated Smoking)

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • The inhalation of medicated smoke through mouth is termed as Dhoomapaana.


  1. Praayogika / S`hamana
  2. Snaihika
  3. Vairechanika
  4. Kaasaghna
  5. Vaamaneeya / Vaamaka
  6. Snigdha
  7. Madhyama
  8. Teekshn`a


  • The procedure should be done after
  1. Meal
  2. Yawning
  3. Defecation
  4. Micturition
  5. Sexual act
  6. S`hastrakarma
  7. Laughing
  8. Danta Dhaavana
  • The patient should sit erect on a seat comfortably.
  • He should be advised to look downwards and inhale the smoke.
  • The smoke should be inhaled through mouth initially and then through nose.
  • It should always be exhaled through mouth and never through nose because there is a likelihood of harm to the vision.
  • Smoking can be done by following two methods –
  1. The Dhoomavarti should be kept inside the distal opening of Dhoomanetra and ignited. The smoke should be inhaled through the proximal end.
  2. Thehollow Dhoomavarti should be ignited at one end and smoke is inhaled by keeping the other end inside mouth directly without the Dhoomanetra.
  • The Kaasaghna and Vaamaneeya type of Dhooma should be inhaled by following method – The medicine is put over the glowing embers taken inside a flat earthen utensil. When adequate amount of smoke is formed then the previous utensil is covered by another one having a hole in it. The Dhoomanetra is attached to the hole and smoke is inhaled.
  • The Vairechanika and Praayogika types of smoke should be inhaled by nose
  • The Snaihika type of smoke can be inhaled by nose or by mouth.
  • The Kaasaghna and Vaamaneeya types of smoke should be inhaled through mouth only.
  • MadhyamaDhoomapaana is indicated in:
  • Vaata Kaphaja Vyaadhi
  • Kshut Pas`hchaat
  • Jrumbita Pas`hchaat
  • Vit Tyaaga Pas`hchaat
  • Mootra Tyaaga Pas`hchaat
  • Maithuna Pas`hchaat
  • Shastra Karma Pas`hchaat
  • Haasya Pas`hchaat
  • Dantadhaavana Pas`hchaat
  • Nis`haa kaala
  • Bhojana Pas`hchaat
  • Nasya Pas`hchaat
  • Teekshn`a Dhoomapaana is indicated in:
  • Kaphaja Vyaadhi
  • Nidraa Pas`hchaat
  • Nasya Pas`hchaat
  • Anjana Pas`hchaat
  • Snaana Pas`hchaat
  • Vamana Pas`hchaat

Other Description:

  • If Kaphaja Pratis`hyaaya, Pootinasya, Naasaa Sraava and Apeenasa are associated with Kan`d`oo then they should be treated with Dhooma of Kat`u Dravya.

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