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Chikitsaa Prakaara: Visha Upakrama Avagaaha

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • The procedure in which bathing the whole body or a part of the body is done in the tube for removal of Visha is termed as Avagaaha.


  • The patient should be given tub bath with cold decoctions.
  • Hot Avagaaha should be administered for symptomatic treatment of coldness of limbs / body.
  • Affected part or whole body should be immersed in appropriate decoction for one Muhoorta (48 min).

Chikitsaa Karma(Benefits):

  • Vishavega Vyapagamana (For relieving Vishavega)
  • Helps in reduction of circulation
  • Effective coagulation of blood.
  • रक्तं हि विषाधानं वायुरिवाग्ने: प्रदेहसेकैस्तत्‌ ।
    शीतै: स्कन्दनि तस्मिन्‌ स्कन्ने व्यपयाति विषवेग: 23/42

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