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Reference :
C.Su 28, S.Sha .4, M.N.17

Chakravadhramato Gaatram Bhumau Patati Sarvadaa |
Bhramaroga Iti Dnyeyo Rajahpittaanilaatmakah|| M. N. 17.19
This is a disease in which a person feels movement like a wheel and falls down on the ground. This Bhrama is caused due to Raja DoshaPitta and Vaayu. It is one of Majjapradoshaja Vyaadhi.

Saamaanya Chikitsaa:
In this S`hodhana Chikitsaa according to Kaala and in adequate Maatraa should be advised like Vamana Virechana.
Madhura – Tikta Rasa Pradhaana Aahaara should be advised.
It is one of the Vaataja Vyaadhi so Vaataghna Chikitsaa should be advised.
Treatment according to Dosha (Saamaanya Vaataghna and Pittghna Upakrama) should be advised.

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