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As`hmaree Nidaana

C.Chi.26, S.Ni.3, S.Chi.17, A.H.Ni.9, M.N.32

As`hmaree means calculus. Though As`hmaree have Kapha dominance. They are formed due to all the three Dosha. Sus`hruta has mentioned Kapha dominance in all the types of the As`hmaree as Kapha itself is converted into As`hmaree.

Tulyataam As`hmanaa Yaanti Tasmaat Taam As`hamri Viduh |


  1. In a person who consumes unwholesome diet, aggravated Kapha saturates the urine causing As`hmaree.
  2. Urine is dried along with the S`hukraPitta, Vaayu or Kapha, causing As`hmaree like the drying of the Pitta in the cow forming Gorochana.
  3. Dosha get saturated with the Mootra causing As`hmaree according to Upasnehana Nyaaya.


  1. Vaataja
  2. Pittaja
  3. Kaphaja
  4. S`hukraja

As`hmaree resembles Kadamba Pushpa. It is S`hlakshn`a. It may be tri-folded and soft. When it obstructs the path of urine, it causes pain in the Basti. There is pain in Sevanee, MehanaBasti. Urination gets distorted. There is pain in the Med`hra (Mridgaati Med`hram). Also the person passes urine frequently. Due to irritation if there is wound in the urinary tract, then there is heamaturia.

When the As`hmaree gets broken, the gravel passes through the urine. This is Mootra S`harkaraa.

Vaataja As`hmaree
Aggravated Kapha enters into the Basti Mukha causing its obstruction.
Signs and Symptoms:
DaalanaBhedanaTodaBasti becomes heavy and cold. As`hmaree is S`hyaavaRooksha in colour, having sharp edges.

Pittaja As`hmaree
Pitta along with the Kapha get saturated and enter into the Basti Mukha causing obstruction.
Signs and Symptoms:
ChoshaDaahaPaakaBasti resembles the Ushn`a VaataAs`hmaree resemble the Bhallaatakaasthi. It is Red or yellow or black.

Kaphaja As`hmaree
Kapha along with the Vaayu get saturated causing obstruction by residing into the Basti Mukha.
Signs and Symptoms:
VedanaaAs`hmaree is large in size, S`hlakshn`a inappearance. It is white in colour.
All these three types of As`hmaree are seen in the children. In the older person S`hukraja type is seen.

S`hukraja As`hmaree
Due to Maithuna Vighaata or AtiMaithuna, S`hukra does not get ejaculated properly and gets saturated along with the Vaayu. It gets situated into the joining of Med`hra and Vrishan`a. After residing there it gets dried there. It obstructs the urinary tract.
Signs and Symptoms:
Mootra KrichchhraBasti VedanaaVrishan`a S`hotha. If As`hmaree is newly formed, then after Peed`ana it gets dissolved, but if it old, it does not get dissolved.
When As`hmaree enters into the urinary tract, it causes Daurbalya, Sadana, Kaars`hya, Kukshi S`hoola, Arochaka, Paan`d`utva, Ush`naVaata, Trishn`aa, Hritpeed`anaChhardi .

SaadhyasaadhyatvaGenerally, As`hmaree is S`hastrasaadhya Vyaadhi.
Saadhya As`hmaree – Nava, Baala Rugn`a
Krichchhrasadhya Chirotthita
Asadhya – Sikataa S`harkaraanvita As`hmaree

Comparative study of As`hmaree types

Vyaadhiclassification Baala Vis`hishta VyaadhiBaala Vis`hishta VyaadhiBaala Vis`hishta Vyaadhi 
AvayavaBastimukha,Basti, Mehana  Basti,Basti Mukha,Mehana Vrishan`a Med`hrayh Antare
Upas`haya    Peed`ana Utpannamaatre Eva
DoshaKapha PrakopaVaata PrakopaPitta PrakopaKapha Prakopa 
Dhaatu    S`hukra Dusht`i
SrotasMootravaha Srotas RodhaMootravaha Srotas RodhaMootravaha Srotas RodhaMootravaha Srotas RodhaMootravaha Srotas RodhaS`hukravaha Srotas Dusht`i

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