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Chikitsa Prakaara: Danta Dhaavana

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • Brushing the teeth is termed as Danta Dhaavana.


  • In healthy persons Danta Dhaavana should be done as a daily procedure.
  • It should be done immediately after getting up in the morning and after food intake.

Poorvakarma (Prerequisites):

  • Medicine preparation:
    Arka, Nyagrodha, Khadira, Karanja, Kakubha, Madhu, Vyosha


  • The drugs should be bitter, pungent or astringent in taste.
  • The stick of the stem of diameter equal to the little finger should be chosen.
  • The stick should have a tender point.
  • The stick should be of length equal to 12 Angula.
  • The stick should not have any nodules or cuts.
  • The stick should be crushed with teeth and the extracted juice should be held in mouth for some time and then spitted out.
  • This should be continued till a brush like structure is formed at the edge of the stick.
  • This brush should be then used to brush the teeth.
  • If a powder is to be used for brushing then it should be very fine.
  • Gums should not be harmed or damaged while brushing.

Chikitsaa Karma (Benefits):

  • Danta Daurgandhyahara (relief from foul smell of teeth)
  • Kapha Apakarshan`a ( cleansing the mouth by removing the sticky mucous)
  • Mukha Vais`hadyakara (mouth freshener)
  • Ruchikara (improved sense of taste)
  • Saumanasyakara (imparting a sense of well being)
  • Danta Malaghna (Cleanses the teeth)

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