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Chikitsaa Prakaara: Lepa / Aalepa

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • लिप्यते इति लेप:।  D`alhan`a
  • External application of a medicine in a paste form is termed as Lepa.
  • This is described as the Aadya (initial) Upakrama of Vran`a.


  • First type of classification:
  1. Lepa
  2. Pralepa – Very thin coat of medicine having cold potency.
  3. Aalepa – The thickness of medicine should be of moderate size.
  4. Pradeha – The thickness of the medicineshould be twice that of Pralepa.
  5. Kalka – Aalepa if used at the place of Vran`a it is termed as Kalka.
  • Second type of classification:
  1. Doshaghna – ¼ Anguli in thickness and indicated in S`hothaadi disease for Doshanaas`hana
  2. Vishahara – 1/3 Anguli in thickness. It is indicated in allergic reactions of Bhallataka and swellings due to Keet`adams`ha (insect bite).
  3. Varn`ya (Mukhalepa) – ½ Anguli in thickness. It is indicated in Vyanga, Nilikaa etc.


  • Lepa should not be applied during night except in cases of Pittaja, Raktaja, Abhighaataja and Vishaja Vran`a. When it is to be applied over Vran`as`hotha and Peed`ana (Pressing) is required it can be applied at night.
  • Fresh Lepa should be prepared each time.
  • Lepa should not be appliedover the previously applied Lepa.


  • This is a main Upakrama of Vran`a Chikitsaa.
  • The Lepa should always be S`hlakshn`a (non resistant, soft).
  • It should be applied in Pratiloma direction i.e. in opposite direction of hair direction.
  • The hair at the application site should be removed first.
  • Lepa materialonce applied should not be used again for application after removing.
  • The Lepa should be removed when it dries except when Peed`ana at that site is required.


  • The Lepa should be removed with the help of Luke warm water after it dries.

Other Description:

  • Pralepa – Tanu, Avis`hoshi Or Vis`hoshi, S`heeta
  • Pradeha – Ushn`a / S`heeta, Tanu / Thick, Avis`hoshi, Vaatakapha Pras`hamaka, Sandhaana, S`hodhana, Ropana, S`hothahara, Vedanaapaha
  •  Aalepa – Madhyama Gun`a, Raktapitta Prasaadaka
  • Kalka – Aalepa if used at the place of Vran`a is termed as Kalka. It reduces Raktaadisraava. Vran`a Maardava is achieved. Pootimaamsa S`hodhana, Vran`a S`hodhaka
  • Aalepa should contain unctuous material
  • For Pittaja Vikaara – 1/6 of the whole material.
  • For Vaataja Vikaara – 1/ 4 of the whole material.
  • For Kaphaja Vikaara – 1/8 of the whole material.
  • For Raktaja Pratis`hyaaya, Pittaja Pratis`hyaaya and Pooyas`hon`ita associated with Paaka, Daaha and Rookshataa Lepa of S`heeta Dravya should be applied.
  • Anulepana can be used in the condition where Snaana is contraindicated.

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