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Srotas Chikitsaa

C.Su.21, 24, 28, Vi.5, S. Sha.9

All the changes and transformations invariably take place in the Srotas (different channels) in the human body. Srotas should be maintained properly to maintain healthy status. Whenever any vitiation occurs in the Srotas, they affect respective process that is taking place in that particular Srotas. Hence consideration of Srotas concept is necessary in treatment of any disease.

Concept of Srotas:
Srotas is channel, which carries any transformable material. In this space, the form of material gets converted into absorbable form. For example, consumed food gets converted in to Aahaara Rasa and Mala in Annavaha Srotas.

Many Srotas are interlinked to each other. Some Srotas accept Bhaava Padaartha (matter) from the universe; some Srotas process them and at the end some Srotas eliminate the waste products which are formed from these metabolic processes. Annavaha Srotas, Praan`avaha Srotas, Udakavaha Srotas accept food, Praan`a (Ambarapeeyusha), water respectively. Whereas Rasavaha to S`hukravaha Srotas process the accepted matter and convert them in to S`haareera Bhaava (attributes of human body). This is the process of nourishment of all the Dhaatu, Indriya, Praan`a etc.

Mootravaha, Pureeshavaha, Svedavaha Srotas These Srotas throws out the excreta created by the metabolic processes.

If there is any structural or functional vitiation of this Srotas, then processes get affected, which in turn affects the further metabolic processes leading to diseases or local pathology. Srotas related pathologies (Sroto Dusht`i) can be grouped in four types:

  1. Atipravritti (extra manifestation)
  2. Sanga (obstruction)
  3. Siraa Granthi (glandular growth)
  4. Vimaargamana (movement through other Srotas)

Sus`hrutaachaarya has mentioned pairs of 11 Srotas and he has not mentioned Asthivaha, Svedavaha, Majjaavaha Srotas but mentioned Aartavavaha Srotas which is not mentioned by Charaka.

Saamaanya Chikitsaa:
Generally, Srotovis`hodhaka, Srotomukha Viakaasaka, Srotovivaraka treatment should be used for Srotorodha caused by Dosha, Aama etc. External causes of obstruction should be treated accordingly. Along with Dusht`ee types, nature of Srotas, involved organs, nature of pathology, status of Dosha, Dhaatu, Mala, Avayava etc. treatment should be planned. General properties of drugs in specific Dusht`ee is enlisted for general idea.

Atipravritti: Drugs with Graahi, Stambhana, S`hoshan`a properties should be used

SangaDrugs with Anulomana, Sramsana, Bhedana,Pramathi properties should be used.

Siraa GranthiS`hastrakarma, Paachana, Bhedana should be used.

VimaargamanaAnulomanaSrotos`hodhana should be used.

Vishesha Chikitsaa:

Vitiated SrotasIndicated treatment
Praan`avaha SrotasS`hvaasa Chikitsaa
Udakavaha SrotasTrishn`aa Chikitsaa
Annavaha SrotasAamapradoshaja Vikaara Chikitsaa
Mootravaha SrotasMootrakrichchhhra Chikitsaa
Pureeshavaha SrotasAtisaara Chikitsaa
Svedavaha SrotasJvara Chikitsaa
Rasavaha SrotasLanghana Chikitsaa
Raktavaha SrotasRaktapittahara Chikitsaa,Virechana, Upavaasa, Raktamokshan`a
Maamsavaha SrotasSams`huddhi (S`hodhana), S`hastrakarma, Kshaara Karma, Agni Karma
Medovaha Srotas (Asht`auninditeeya AdhyaayaGeneral: Vaataghna and Kapha Medoghna AahaaraChikitsaa Karma: Rooksha / Ushn`a Basti, Teekshn`a / Rooksha UdvartanaKalpa / DravyaTriphalaa, Takraarisht`a, S`hilaajatu,Brihad Panchamoola, Madhoodaka etc.Vihaara: Prajaagara, Vyaayaama, Vyavaaya, Chintana etc.
Asthivaha SrotasPanchakarma, especially Tikta Ksheera Basti
Majjavaha and S`hukravaha SrotasS`hodhana, Madhura and Tikta AahaaraVyavaaya, Vyaayaama

Search Anveshaka:
Search Kalpa, Dravya, AahaaraChikitsaa KarmaVihaara for

Effect on SrotasSrotos`hodhanaSrotovibandha Naas`haka, etc.
KarmaAnulomana, Bhedana, Chhedana, Deepana, Graahee, Langhana, Paachana, Pramaathi, Rasaayana, Sramsana, Stambhana, Svedana etc.
(For specific Dhaatu related Srotas, search effect on respective Dhaatu)

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