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Chikitsaa Prakaara: Prachchhaana

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • Blood letting done by taking Rekhaa (superficial incisions / scarring / scratching) over skin.


  • The part proximal to the site should be tied by a tourniquet.
  • The incisions should not be made over sites of Marma, Snaayu, Sandhi and Asthi.
  • The instrument should be used clearly, widely, finely, evenly, neither too deep nor superficial.
  • This comprises the pre requisite for blood letting by S`hringa, Alaabu and Ghat`ee Yantra method. This can be done if leech is also not getting attached to the skin.

Other Description:

  • For Pin`d`ita Rakta and Ekades`hastha Rakta (blood accumulated or collected at one site) – Prachchhaana
  • Blood letting near the skin should be done by Prachchhaana
  • When the vitiated Dosha are harbouring under the skin and are localised, they should be eliminated by one of the measures described above, if not removed they proceed to penetrate further and wider to emerge as Vidradhi which is difficult to cure.
  • Kusht`ha which are stable, hard and rounded should be fomented by Prasthara and Naadi types of Svedana and then rubbed with Kurcha.
  • In elevated patches of Kusht`ha fomentation should be done byPottali containing meat of aquatic animals.
  • If the patches are numb and anaesthetic, absence of perspiration and itching, then they should be rubbed with Kurcha or with steams of DantiTrivritKaranjaKaraveera and Kut`aja, Leaves of JaatiArka and Nimba or with sharp instruments or with Samudraphena or dried cow dung.

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