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Guhya Roga

In all the types of Guhya Roga, considering the condition Chikitsaa of Vran`a is indicated. Specific treatment of Guhya Roga is described as follows.

Upadams`ha Chikitsaa

A.H.U.34/1-7, S.Chi.19/25, N.R. Upadams`ha

It is a venereal disease. As per Gayadaasa (commentator of Sus`hruta Samhitaa), any trauma induced penile edema is called as Upadams`ha (Trauma due to nail, teeth etc.) (S.Ni.12/7 Gayadaasa)

Upadams`ha is classified in to five types:

  1. Vaataja
  2. Pittaja
  3. Kaphaja
  4. Sannipaatiaka
  5. Raktaja


  • Nava Upadams`ha:

In early stage of Upadams`ha, bloodletting should be done from anterior part of penis by vein puncture method, with prior Snehana and Svedana, so as to avoid spread of disease.

Sus`hruta has advised to use Leeches for blood letting (Jalaukaavachaaran`a)

  • S`heeta Lepa / Sechana:
    Toavoid Paaka (local pus formation), Parisheka or Lepa cold substances should be applied over affected local area of penis.
  • S`hodhana:
    In an aggravated state of Dosha_s, Virechana or Vamana should be given as per indications. It helps to pacify local pain and edema.
  • Nirooha Basti:
    If patient is weak and Virechana is contraindicated, aggravated Dosha_s should be expelled by Nirooha Basti.
  • Lepa:
    Application of Lepa prepared with Ghee, sesame oiland honey should be applied in following conditions
    If abscess is totally matured.
    After abscess is incised.
  • Vran`a Dhaavana:
    Incised abscess should be cleansed with decoction of substances like Jambu, Aamra, Triphala, Khadira etc.
  • Vran`a Ropan`a:
    Taila (oil) prepared with Taila Paaka method from substances like JambuAamraTriphalaa etc. should be applied over incised wound for better healing.
  • Once dominance of Dosha is judged, the treatment guidelines described in Vran`ashotha Pratishedheeya (A.H.U.25) should be followed.

Doshaja Chikitsaa:

  • Vaataja Upadams`ha:
    Lepa / Parisheka with Vaaataghna Dravya
  • Pittaja Upadams`ha:
    Unctuous Lepa and cold Parisheka should be applied.
  • Raktaja Upadams`ha:
    These types are incurable, one should decide the dominance of Dosha_s and treat them accordingly for symptomatic relief.
  • Sannipaatika Upadams`ha:
    It should be treated as per guidelines described in Dusht`a Vran`a Chikitsaa. Putrefied part of penis should be eliminated. Residual part of penis should be burned with heated Jambvosht`ha S`hastra (surgical instrument having mouth like Jamun(Indian Black Berry) fruit and made up of stone). Honey or Ghee should be applied over adequately burnt wound. (Samyaka Dagdha)

Avasthika Chikitsaa:
Upadams`ha should be treated with AalepaParishekaRaktamokshan`a and other purification therapies. Physician should always give more attention to avoid Paaka Avasthaa of Upadams`ha. If it progresses to Paaka Avasthaa, then the treatment is different.

  • Pakvaavasthaa:
  1. S`hastra Karma – In Paaka (matured) stage, due to pus formation, muscular, cutaneous and venous part of penis get vitiated. Appropriate incision should be made over affected area and pus should be evacuated.
  2. S`hodhana and Ropan`a Kashaaya (healing decoction) should be applied.
  • Precaution:
    Precaution should be taken to avoid maturation stage. Because suppuration in Snaayu, Siraa and Maamsa leads to putrefaction of penis.

Med`hraars`ha / Yoni Ars`ha Chikitsaa
It is venereal disease. It is polyp like growth over penis along with itching and sticky, reddish secretions. Similarly in females umbrella like growth develops on the internal or external area of vagina is called as Maamsakeelaka.

This should be treated according to guidelines described in Ars`ha Chikitsaa.
Ars`ha (Proud flesh) should be excised and burnt followed by application of cleansing and healing formulation described in Upadams`ha Chikitsaa.



  • Rasa- Tikta, Kashaaya
  • Gun`a/Karma- Deepana
  • Dhaanya- S`haalee, Yava, Jeern`a Godhoomajanita Padaartha
  • S`haaka- Vetaagra, Pat`ola, S`higruphala, Jalapippalee, Nava Moolaka
  • S`himbee- Kulattha, Mudga
  • Maamsa- Jaangala Maamsarasa
  • Dugdha- Ghrita
  • Drava- Tila Taila, Sarshapa Taila
  • Kritaanna– Vilepee,Madhu, Suraa, Sauveeraka, Jambooka Maamsajanita Padaartha
  • Other- Lepa, LanghanaS`hodhana, Raktamokshan`a(In Apakvaavasthaa)


  • Gun`a/ karma- Guru
  • Dugdha- Amla Takra
  • Other- Gud`a, Maithuna, Divaasvaapa, Mootravega, Aayaasa

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