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Mala Chikitsaa

A.H.Su.11, S.Su.15

Mala are the waste formed during metabolism. These are three viz. Pureesha (faeces), Mootra (Urine), Sveda (sweat). Subsidiary product developed at the digestion/ formation of body tissues are also labelled as Mala e.g. Kes`ha.

Following chart describes Dhaatu specific Mala.

MaamsaKha Mala
AsthiNakha, Roma
MajjaaTvak Sneha,Pureesha Sneha , Akshi Sneha

Though these are waste of the body, it has given importance in pathological and physiological perspective. Vitiation, aggravation and depletion of mala, leads to development of disease, which manifests in different symptoms. So it is essential to treat them accordingly.

Saamaanya Chikitsaa

  • Paachana – Agnivaishamya is underline cause for disturbances in balanced state of mala. It has different shades of treatment. Depending upon the Sampraapti (pathogenesis) one should try to restore Agni state with Paachana.
  • Dvisht`a Aahaara Tyaaga – The person should avoidhatred incompatible diet to compensates Mala Vriddhi (aggravated waste).
  • Praarthayeta Avirodhi Aahaara – The person should consume liked compatible food so as to balance Mala Kshaya (depleted waste)
  • Svayonivardhana Dravyaopayoga – Person should consume the substances having similar attribute to improve depleted state of waste.
  • Svayonivardhana Dravya Pratikaara – Person should avoid the substances having similar attribute to compensate increased waste.

Vis`hesha Chikitsaa –

Status of MalaTreatment GuidelineTreat as
Pureesha Vriddhi Atisaara
Pureesha Kshaya1. Should consume flesh of central part of body of Sheep and Goat.2. Should consume Yava (barley), Raajamaasha, Maasha (black gram) and Kulmaasha (half boiled food grains) in ample quantity. 
Mootra Vriddhi Prameha
Mootra Kshaya Mootrakrichchhra
Sveda VriddhiShould follow seasonal guideline suggested for summer like sweet and cold foodstuffs (Sattu) 
Sveda KshayaPhysical exercise, Massage, Svedana (Steam bath) and Madyapaana (should consume alcohol) 

Treatment guideline for waste formed at Dhaatu level One should treat the imbalances of waste at Dhaatu level considering following factors

State of Jat`haraagni
Related Dhaatvagni
Related Srotas

Search in Anveshaka
Search Aahaara, Dravya, Kalpa, Chikitsaa Karma, Vihaara with following properties:

  • Effects on Mala:
    • Mootrakara
    • Baddhamalahara
    • Baddhamootrahara
    • Mala Anulomaka
    • Mala Paachana
    • Mala Vis`hodhana
    • Mootra S`hodhana
    • Mootrala
  • Karma:
    • Svedana
    • Svedaapanayana
    • S`hodhana
    • Pureesha Janana
    • Pureesha Samgrahan`eeya
    • Pureesha Virajaneeya
    • Mootra Samgrahan`eeya
    • Mootra Virajaneeya
    • Mootra Virechaneeya

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