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M. N. 50, C. Chi. 3

Introduction and Sampraapti
Kapha and Vaayu get vitiated due to cold wind. These vitiated Kapha and Vaata gets associated with Pitta and traverse in the body causing S`heetapitta, Udarda and Kot`ha. M. N. 50/1

They cause the symptoms like as –

  1. Pipaasaa
  2. Aruchi
  3. Hrillaasa
  4. Dehasaada
  5. Angagaurava
  6. Raktalochanataa


S`heetapaaneeya Samspars`haad S`heetakaale Vis`heshatah |
S`hvayathuh S`his`hiraartaanaam Udardah Kaphasambhavah ||
A. H. Ni. 2/22 Arun`adatta

  • This is a S`hotha in the shape of conch shell.
  • There is Kan`d`ooTodaChhardiJvaraVidaaha.
  • This is called as Udarda. Its another name is S`heetapitta.
  • Udarda is Kaphaja and it is caused due to cold stuffs. (S`his`hiraja Vikaara)
  • S`heetapitta is Vaata dominant and Udarda is Kapha dominant.

S`hetapitta, Udarda and Kot`ha are mentioned in the next Dhaatu also, like Antah Iti S`hon`itaadau| M. Ni. 50/1 Madhukos`ha

Therefore, involvement of Dhaatu other than Rakta should be considered.

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