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Chikitsa Prakaara: Yoni Pichu

Prakara Paribhaashaa:

  • Placing a medicated cotton swab / roll of cloth inside the vagina is termed as Yoni Pichu.


  • A cotton swab soaked in the indicated medicine should be placed inside the vagina.
  • Otherwise a thin cloth soaked in the indicated medicine is dried in shade and the roll of this cloth should be placed inside the vagina.
  • The swab / roll of cloth should be retained for a long time so that it exhibits action locally. The effect of the vitiated Dosha can be nullified. The Dhaatu can be strengthened. Ulcers if present heal, pain subsides and the local hygiene improves.

Other Description:

  • This procedure should be done in 9th month of pregnancy.
  • Also indicated when Vaatala Yonivyaapad is associated with too much of dryness.
  • Yoni Pichu is used in Yoni Kanda and in Yoni Bramsha also.
  • It is also used for Rakta Stambhana in Sadhya Prasutaa.
  • For formulations used forYoni Pichusearch in Anveshakfor Search Categoriesà kalpaà Input fieldà Used for Chikitsaa Karma à Equal toYoni Pichu.
  • Similarlyspecific Kalpana like Taila related and indicated Vyaadhi can also be searched for through Anveshak.

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