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Somaroga Chikitsaa

B. R. 87, Y.R. Somaroga Chikitsaa (Uttaraadha)


  • Sustenance of human body is due to fluid called Soma.
  • This Soma in females is depleted through the urinary tract; therefore, this disease is called as Somaroga.
  • This Soma vitiated and is directed towards urinary tract.
  • This fluid is clear (Prasanna), clean (Vimala), cold (S`heeta), without smell (Nirgandha), painless (Neeruja), white in colour (Sita). It passes in excessive amount followed with incontinence through urinary tract.

Chikitsaa Similar To:

  • Chikitsaa similar to Prameha and Bahumootrataa
  • Pathya and Apathya for Somaroga, Mootraatisaara and Bahumootrataa are same.


  • Aahaara: Palala, Yava, Godhooma, Dugdha, Mudga, Rambhaa Phala
  • Vihaara: Vyaayaama, Paadachhatra Vartit Bhraman`a


  • Aahaara: Adhika Jalapaana, Aama Phala, Gud`a Vikriti
  • Vihaara: Sukhaasana, Bhaya, Krodha, S`hoka

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  • Vyaadhi – Somaroga

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