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Upadhaatu Chikitsaa

Ch.Sha.8, Chi. 28, Su.Ni.1, A.H.Ni15,

Upadhaatu are the byproducts formed during the process of formation of Dhaatu (body constituent). As they are derived from Dhaatu, they are called as Upadhaatu.

Following chart describes relation of Upadhaatu and Dhaatu.

RasaStanya, Aartava
RaktaKan`d`araa, Siraa
MaamsaVasaa, Tvak

(According to S`haarangadhara Samhitaa)

According to some Aachaarya; Danta and Kes`ha are Mala of Asthi and not the Upadhaatu. Similarly Ojas is also not an Upadhaatu but epitome of all the Dhaatu.

These Upadhaatu get affected by various causative factors producing signs and symptoms and diseases. Some of the signs and symptoms are very prominent and hence treated as major diseases but some remain dormant and at times participate as one of the factors of Sampraapti Process.

Saamaanya Chikitsaa
While treating these diseases it is advisable to administer all the therapies indicated for vitiation of respective Dhaatu also. E.g. for Stanya Dusht`i the Saamaanya Chikitsaa of Rasapradoshaja Vyaadhi should also be administered along the other line of treatment.

Vis`hesha Chikitsaa

  • Stanya Dusht`i Following should be the line of treatment for Stanya Dusht`i for the feeding mother
  1. Snehana
  2. Svedana
  3. Vamana followed by Samarjana Krama
  4. Snehana
  5. Virechana considering Dosha, Kaala, Bala followed by Samarjana Krama
  6. S`heshadosha Paachanaartha Aahaara and Kalpa
  • The child should also be treated in same way but following some precautions.
    The treatment of diseases for children should be done similar to adults but the medicines should be mild.
    Dose of the medicine should be small (Kaneeyasee Maatraa) as children are delicate (Sukumaara Alpakaaya) and eat small quantity (amount and food items) of food (Sarva Anna Anupasevana).
    In Ksheeraada and Ksheeraannaada Baalaka i.e., in breast fed children before weaning, the medicine is applied to the nipple and areola of the nursing mother before each feed.
  • Rajodusht`i This should be treated by treatment similar to S`hukradoshahara Chikitsaa in male.
    • Rajodusht`i should be treated by Snehana, Svedana followed by Vamana, Virechana, Anuvaasana Basti, Aasthaapana Basti and mainly Uttarabasti. The medicines to be used for the S`hodhana therapyshould be decidedaccording to the vitiated Dosha.

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