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Unmaada Chikitsaa

C.Chi.9, S.U.62, A.H.U.6, M.Ni 20, N.R. Unmaada

The term Unmaada means Samudbhrama (perversion). This disorder involves the perversion of Buddhi (Intellect), Manas (mind) and Smriti (Memory).



Classification according to Dosha


Other classification:

Maanasa Duhkhaja

Saamaanya Chikitsaa:

  • S`hodhanaSnehana, Svedana, Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Anjana, Siraamoks`han`a
  • S`hamana: S`hamana Kalpanaa, Pathya Aahaara – Vihaara
  • Satvaavajaya: Aas`hvaasana

After Snehana and SvedanaTeekshn`a S`hodana (Teekshn`a drastic VamanaVirechana and Nasya) should be given.

Avapeed`a Nasya is also advised (Choorn`a + Sarshapa Taila). The same Choorn`a are used for application to the nose.

In all kinds of Unmaada the patient should be cheered. In the initial phase patient should be given S`hamana after mild S`hodhana (S.U.62/34-35).

Vaataja Unmaada:

In Vaataja Unmaada the first line of treatment should be Snehapaana.

In this type, physician should ascertain the nature of Vaayu, based on that Sneha should be administered i.e. if there is no obstruction to the passage of Vaayu then Sneha can be administered, if the passage is obstructed then Mridu S`hodhana along with Sneha is advised. (C.Chi.9/25)

Pittaja Unmaada:

The patient is subjected to Virechana after conditioned Snehana followed by proper Samsarjana Krama. Thereafter depending on the predominance of the Dosha Nirooha Basti, Sneha Basti and S`hirovirechana are administered frequently.

Aahaara – S`heeta, Madhura and Laghu Aahaara should be consumed.

Kaphaja Unmaada:

Samsarjana Krama
Frequent use of Nirooha Basti, Sneha Basti and S`hiro Virechana(as per dominance of Dosha)
By adopting these measures when the body is cleansed, the mind becomes clear (devoid of Mada) or a sense of well being is seen.
If no change is noticed from all the above treatment, then one should adopt Nasya and Anjana.

Aagantuja Unmaada

Adopting measureslike Man`i, Mantra ,Bali, Poojaa
Aushadhee Dhaaran`a
Aagada Dhaaran`a (Sidhaarthaka Aagada)


Daivya Vyapaas`hraya Chikitsaa

  • Ees`havara Poojana
  • Roodra Poojana

General Treatment Guidelines –

The patient should be kept cheerful
After evacuation of Dosha following Chikitsopakrama should be advised Abhyanga, Udvartana, Aalepa, Dhoopana, Sarpi paana.
Expose to surprising things, Shocking news like death of near ones
Patient should be frightened by fierce looking men, tamed elephants, water and nonpoisonous snakes.
Beaten after tying with chains.
Terrified with fire after putting him/her in a deserted place.
Wiped with rope
Held tightly and made to drown in water
Pricked avoiding vital points
Kept in a burning house ignited with fire but well protected
Kept constantly in a covered or dry well.
Made to Starve
Consoled by close friends
Anointed with Sarshapa oil, tied and made to lie in supine position under hot sunbeam.
These measures are helpful to bring the mind under control and to achieve serenity of the mind.
All such measures which are Hridya (beneficial to the mind), Deepaneeya (appetizing) and Pathya (suitable for the Manovaha Srotas) should be advised.

Siraa Vyadha in Unmaada
Siraamokshan`a (Puncturing of the vein) should be done in the regions of Ura (chest), Apaanga(temple) and Lalaat`a(forehead) regions.
These all measures should be advised considering the factors like KaalaRogi Bala etc.
All such measures should be adopted that are antagonistic to the Hetu like Lobha( covetousness), Krodha (anger) etc.
Bhootaavesha induced Doshaja Unmaada should be treated with formulations described in Apasmaara chapter.

Unmaada Nivritti Lakshan`a:-
When all the sense organs functioning normally.
When Buddhi is able to distinguish between the rights from the wrong deeds.
The Atman and Manas become serene
All the Dosha and Dhaatu are in a state of balance

 Pathya –

Gun`a- Hridya, Deepaneeya
Dhaanya- Godhuma, Shasht`ika S`haalee, Tand`ula
S`haaka- Kushmaan`d`a, Pat`ola, Braahmee, Vaastuka, Tan`d`uleeyaka
S`himbee- Mudga
Maamsa- Jaangala Maamsarasa, Kachchhapa
Dugdha- S`hatadhuta Ghrita, Navaneeta, Ghrita, Rasaalaa
Phala- Draakshaa, Kapittha, Panasa
Kritaanna- Kulmaasha

Apathya –

Rasa- Tikta, Kat`u, Amla
Gun`a- Teekshn`a, As`huchi, Vidaahee
S`haaka- Patra S`haaka, Kaarvellaka
Drava- Madya
Other- Virudhhannaa, Kunduru, Nidraa, Kshudhaa, Trishn`aa, Kshavathu Avarodha

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