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Indriya Dusht`ee Chikitsaa

C.Su.8, A.H.Su.2

Indriya are five sense organs responsible for perception of senses. Ayurveda considers ChakshuS`hrotraGhraan`aRasana and Sparshana as five Indriya. They are situated at Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tounge and Skin respectively. These organs are considered as Indriya Adhisht`haana means seat of Indriya.

Indriya Dusht`ee and its management:
Vitiated Dosha when situate in Indriya they cause either Upaghaata (complete damage) or Upataapai (weakness). Indriya Upaghaata is incurable, but the physician should treat any disease related to Indriya with following guidelines.

Saamanya Chikitsaa:
Diagnosis to assess status of Indriya and related organ (Indriya Adhisht`haana) is very important. If related organ has disease, that should be treated accordingly.

  • e.g. If Baadheerya is symptom due to Karn`aars`ha, main disease should be treated.

Differential diagnosis should be thought prior to treatment considering Indriya related signs and symptoms.

  • e.g. Indriya Daurbalya appears as symptom of Paan`d`u and Kaamalaa

If Indriya Dusht`ee is complication (Upadrava) of some other disease, that disease should be managed with Indriya specific treatment.

  • e.g. Indriyoparodha is Upadrava of Gara Visha. Treatment should be Vishaghna and Indriya Bala Vardhaka

Indriya Naas`ha (complete damage)should be considered as Arisht`a (sign of grave prognosis).
Panchakarma treatment has key role in Indriya related disorders. As its effects are Indriya Balavardhana (strengthening Indriya).
Treatment for head (e.g. NasyaS`hirobastiS`hirodhara etc) should be suggested as it is seat of all Indriya.
Treatment should have effects Indriya PrasaadanaIndriya Balavardhaka etc.
Avoid Heena Mithyaa Atiyoga and follow proper code of conduct as per principles mentioned in Dinacharya Ritucharya and Sadvritta.

Vis`hesha Chikitsaa (Search Anveshaka for more treatment.)

Following treatment type can help respective Indriya.

1.    Chakshurendriya:

  • Chikitsaa KarmaNasya, Anjana, Tarpan`a, Put`apaaka, As`hchotana, Lepa, Bid`aalaka
  • Properties of medicines: Chakshushya, Drisht`i Prasaadana

2.    S`hrotrendriya

  • Chikitsaa Karma: Karn`apooran`a, Ghritapaana
  • Properties of medicines: Rasaayana, S`hravan`a S`hakti Vardhaka

3.    Ghraanendriya

  • Chikitsaa Karma: Nasya
  • Properties of medicines: Rasaayana, Kaphagha

4.    Rasanendriya

  • Chikitsaa Karma: Kavala, Gan`d`oosha, Nasya
  • Properties of medicines: Madhura, Amla, Sheeta

5.    Spars`hanendriya

  • Chikitsaa Karma: Abhyanga, Snehana, Svedana, Udvartana
  • Properties of medicines: SnigdhaVarn`ya, Tvachya, Tvak Prasaadana

Search Anveshaka:

Search Kalpa, Drvaya, Aahaara, Vihaara, Chikitsaa Karma for

Effects on Indriya

  • Chakshurindriya
  • Gandhagrahan`a Vikriti
  • Indriya Bala Vardhaka
  • Indriya Bodhana
  • Indriya Drid`hatva
  • Indriya Laaghava
  • Indriya Prasaadaka
  • Indriya Rochana
  • Indriya S`huddhi
  • Indriya Tarpan`a
  • Spars`hanendriya
  • Svarya
  • Vaak S`huddhikara
  • Vaak Samriddhakara
  • Vaaksiddhikara

Chakshushya, Jeevana, Kan`t`hya, Medhya, Rasaayana, Snehana, Tvachya, Preen`ana etc.

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