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Chikitsaa Prakaara: Kshaara Sootra

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • IÉÉ®ú ºÉÚjÉähÉ IÉÉ®ÉH  ºÉÚjÉähÉ *                                      D`alhan`a


  • EÞú¶ÉnÖü¤ÉÇ™ü¦ÉÒ°ÿhÉÉÆ xÉÉbüÒ ¨É¨ÉÉÇʸÉiÉÉ SÉ ªÉÉ **
    IÉÉ®ºÉÚjÉähÉ iÉÉÆ ÎSUüxtÉzÉ iÉÖ ¶ÉÛÉähÉ ¤ÉÖÊrü¨ÉÉxÉ **       
    S. Chi. 17/29                                                                                      
  • The Naad`ee Vran`a (fistula) present at the Marmasthaana and in weak, thin, frightened and pregnant patients should be treated with Kshaarasootra.


Medicine preparation:

  • Preparation of Kshaara Sootra:                 

    Stage I :
  • A strong thread (Linen No. 20) should be taken and hung in the Kshaarasootra stand placed within the Kshaarasootra cabinet.
  • Kshaarasootra cabinet should be made which must comprise of a bright light, thermometer, Ultraviolet tube and drier.
  • he thread should be dipped in Snuhee Ksheera andplaced in the cabinet to dryà this should be repeatedfor 11 times.

    Stage II :

  • After 11th time it should be dipped in Snuhee Ksheera and dusted with Apamaarga Kshaara andplaced in the cabinet to dry à this procedure should be repeated for 7 times.

    Stage III :

  • After 7th time it should be dipped in Snuhee Ksheera and dusted with Haridraa Choorn`a andplaced in the cabinet to dry à this procedure should be repeated for 3 times.
  • After the Kshaarasootra gets well dried, it should be exposed to ultraviolet radiation and packed in a glass tube.
  • The pH value should be in the range of 9.6 – 9.8


  • Local cleansing should be done.
  • The direction of the Naad`ee Vran`a is determined withthe help of a blunt Eshan`aa.
  • Then the Kshaarasootra should be inserted with the help of a Soochi (needle).
  • The needle should be inserted through one end of Naad`ee Vran`a and taken out through the other end.
  • A knot of both ends of Kshaarasootra should be tied outside the wound. If the wound doesn’t heal by application of one Kshaarasootra then another Kshaarasootra should be applied.
  • Kshaarasootra should be changed on every third or seventh day.
                                                                                                S. Chi. 17/30-33
  • For management of Bhagandara also the same procedure should be applied.


  • If the Kshaarasootra is applied to Ars`ha etc. then the resulting wound should be managed as regular wound.
  • Local fomentation of Kshaarasootra is applied for management of Bhagandara (sitz bath)
  • Management of wound by S`hothahara, Deepana and Anulomaka drugs.

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