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Chikitsa Prakara: Avasaadana

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • The procedure by which the wound is brought to the level of skin is termed as Avasaadana.

Poorvakarma (Prerequisites):

Medicine preparation:

  • Kaaseesa
  • Manas`heelaa
  • Harataala
  • Rasaanjana
  • Samudraphena
  • Chandraprabhaa
  • Guggulu
  • Kharapatra


  • During process of wound healing there is excessive formation of granulation tissue. This excessive granulation tissue always prevents epithelisation of skin and wound healing. This also produces disfigurement. So this procedure should be carried out by Vran`a Lekhana.
  • This should be done by Mand`alaagra S`hastra or by Kharapatra like Paarijaataka or by Samudraphena.
  • This can also be done by application of Tuttha.
  • Thistreatment should be supplemented by oral intake of Lekhana Dravya.
  • Milk should be avoided in diet.

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