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Naasaa Roga Nidaana

C. Chi. 26, S.U. 22, A.H.U.21.3

Naasaa Rogaa_s are the diseases caused and manifested on the Nose. Especially, these diseases are related to the Naasaa Srotas.


  • It is also called as Peenasa. C.Chi. 26/107
  • Pratis`hyaaya is caused as Roopa in Raajayakshmaa. It is expalined as a symptom of Raajayakshmaa in Charaka Samhitaa Raajayakshmaa Chikitsaa Adhyaaya. In Chikitsaa Sthaana it is explained as separate disease (as Svatantra Vyaadhi) as a type of Naasaa Roga.
  • Pratis`hyaaya is explained at the start of the Naasa Roga because there are so many other diseases which are casued due to the Pratis`hyaayaChakrapaan`i
  • Apeenasa is a type of Peenasa (Pratis`hyaaya) – As per Charaka Chi. 26
  • Due to the causative factors, Doshaa_s which are Vaata dominant, get solidified in the nasal tract. These cause Pratis`hyaaya which may lead to Kshaya.


  • Due to the causative factors, Doshaa_s get solidified (Styaana) in the S`hiras (head).
  • The Vaayu gets aggravated in the S`hiras (head).
  • This aggravated Vaayu causes Pratis`hyaaya.


  1. Vaataja
  2. Pittaja
  3. Kaphaja
  4. Saannipaatika

Dusht`a Pratis`hyaaya
When Pratis`hyaaya is increased due to unwholesome diet, it is called as Dusht`a Pratis`hyaaya. Due to obstruction in the Naasaa, due to trauma; Naasaa gets filled with the secretions (Svaara); it manifests with dryness (Naasaa S`hosha), suppuration in the nose (Naasaa Paaka). A person cannot detect different smells. There is foul smell to the mouth. There is recurrence of the Pratis`hyaaya.

If this Dusht`a Pratis`hyaaya is untreated or neglected, then it causes following diseases –

  • Naasaa Kshavathu
  • Naasaa S`hosha
  • Naasaa Pratinaaha
  • Naasaa Parisraava
  • Pooti Naasaa (Ghraan`asya Pootitvam)
  • Apeenasa
  • Naasaa Paaka
  • Naasaa S`hotha
  • Naasaa Arbuda
  • (Naasaa) PooyaRakta
  • Arumshi
  • S`heersha (S`hiro) Roga
  • Karn`a Roga
  • Akshi (Netra) Roga
  • Khaalitya
  • Harilomatva
  • ArjunaLomatva
  • Trit` (Trishn`aa)
  • S`hvaasa
  • Kaasa
  • Jvara
  • RaktaPitta
  • Vaisvarya (Svara Bheda)
  • S`hosha

Naasaa Kshavathu

  • Vaayu residing in S`hira, after going through Marma Sthaanaa causes Kshavathu (sneezing).
  • According to Sus`hruta, when Naasaa and Marma are vitiated by Vaayu coming out of the Naasaa; this Vaayu comes out with Kapha making sound is called as Kshavathu.
  • There is another type of Kshavathu as Aagantu Kshavathu explained by Sus`hruta. Due to use of Teekshn`a Aushadha, due to over smelling of a drug, Kat`u Dravya, staring at the sun, elevation of Naasaagra at the upper side causes Kshavathu; which is Aagantu Kshavathu.

Naasaa S`hosha

  • Aggravated Vaayu dries up the Kapha and S`hringaat`aka and Ghraan`a. This is called as Naasaa S`hoshan`a.
  • According to Sus`hruta, when Kapha at the Naasaa is dried by Vaata and Kapha, then it gets solidified and a person respirates with difficulty, then it is called as Naasaa S`hosha.

Naasaa Pratinaaha / Aanaaha

  • The Kapha obstructs the root of the exhalation, which is associated with Vaata. This is called as Naasaa Prateenaaha.
  • According to Sus`hruta, due to Kaphaavrita Udaana, Vaayu resides in the nasal tract. It gives feeling as if Naasaa is covered by Vaayu. It is called as Naasaa Prateenaaha.

Naasaa Parisrava

  • A disease where solid, thick (Ghana), yellow colour (Peeta) Kapha is secreted from Naasaa is called as Naasaa Parisrava.
  • According to Sus`hruta, when there is continuous, clean and watery secretion without any special colour and the secretion is more at the night; then it is called as Naasaa Parisrava.


  • If Pratis`hyaaya is not treated properly or neglected then there is Vaivarn`ya, Daurgandhya, S`hvayathu and Bhrama.
  • According to Sus`hruta, due to Vidagdha doshaa_s, in Gala and Taalu; Vaayu is excreted out through the nose. These secretions come out through mouth and nosethis is called as PootiNaasaa.

A disease that manifests with Naasaa Aanaaha, Naasaa Vis`hosha, Naasaa Prakledana, Naasaa Dhoopana is called as Appenasa. A person cannot detect or judge the smell. This disease is caused due to the vitiation of Vaata and Kapha. This disease actually manifests with the symptoms as of Pratis`hyaaya.

Ghraan`a Paaka / Naasaa Paaka

  • Due to the vitiation of the Rakta Dhaatu and Pitta, there is Daaha, Raaga, S`hvayathu, Paaka; which is called as Ghraan`a Paaka.
  • According to Sus`hruta, Pitta at Ghraan`a (Naasaa), causes Arumshi. There is severe suppuration.

Naasaa S`hvayathu
Doshaa_s vitiate the Rakta and other Dhaatu at the site of Ghraan`a causing the oedema; which is called as Naasaa S`hvayathu.

Naasaa Arbuda:
In the nasal tract, there is manifestation of tumor (Arbuda), which obstructs the exhalation (Uchchhvaasa Nirodha). This is caused due to the vitiation of Maamsa and Rakta by Dosha. Difference between Naasaa S`hopha and Naasaa Arbuda is that Naasaa Arbuda has Kos`ha but in Naasaa S`hotha has no Kos`ha.


  • There is secretion of Pitta enriched Rakta through nose, ear and mouth. This is called as Pooya Rakta.
  • According to Sus`hruta, due to Vidagdha Dosha, or due to trauma on the forhead; there is secretion of Pooya and Rakta; then it is called as Pooya Rakta.

Naasaa Arumshi:
Due to Pitta and Vaata, skin gets vitiated, causing Arumshi. There is suppuration also.

Naasaa Deepta

  • This is a disease in which a person feels as if its nose is inflamed or burned. This is called as Deepta.
  • According to Sus`hruta, when there is Daaha in the Naasaa, Vaayu is exhaled through the nose, like Dhooma is called as Naasaa deepta.

S`hon`ita Pitta:-

S`hon`ita Pitta is of four types:-

  1. Vaataja
  2. Pittaja
  3. Kaphaja
  4. Sannipaataja

Origin of S`hon`ita Pitta


Route of S`hon`ita Pitta:

  1. Adhara Maargaja
  2. Uttara Maargaja

There is secretion of Saandra, Vidagdha and Lavan`a Kapha. This is already accumulated in the head which secrets out through the nose due to heat of Pitta. This is called as Bhrams`hathu.

Types of Naasaars`ha:

  1. Vaataja
  2. Pittaja
  3. Kaphaja
  4. Saannipaatika

Naasaa S`hopha:
Types of Naasaa S`hopha:

  1. Vaataja
  2. Pittaja
  3. Kaphaja
  4. Saannipaatika

Types of Naasaarbuda

  1. Vaataja
  2. Pittaja
  3. Kaphaja
  4. Raktaja
  5. Maamsaja
  6. Medoja
  7. Saannipaatika

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