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Su.Ni.11, A.H.U.29, M.N.38

Aparaa Aparaa Upacheeyamaanatayaa Apachee | M. N. 38/10 Madhukos`ha
Chayaprakarshaad Apacheem | Su. Ni. 11/11
The Granthi which are suppurated burst out with secretions and get pacified.
These Granthi vanish and appear repeatedly. This is called as Apachee.
Apachee is Saadhya Vyaadhi.

Difference between Apachee and Gan`d`amaalaa:
In Gan`d`amaalaaGranthi are manifested in style of garland. Whereas in Apachee the manifestation of Granthi is not in style of garland.


  1. The causative Dosha are Vaata, Pitta and Kapha.
  2. The involved Dhaatu is Medas.
  3. If these Granthi are manifested on Vaksha, Kakshaa, Manyaa and Gala, then it is called as Apachee.
  4. They appear in the form of garland around Kan`t`haHridaya, Hanu, Sandhi.
  5. Therefore, Gan`d`amaalaa can be known by the symptoms of Apachee.
  6. This Gan`d`amaalaa is called as Apachee when it is pacifying and appearing repeatedly like Doorvaa.

Apachee is Asaadhya if it is associated with:

  1. Peenasa
  2. Paars`hvas`hoola
  3. Kaasa
  4. Jvara
  5. Chhardi

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