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Chikitsa Prakara: Kut`ee Praavesh`ika Rasaayana

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • It is a type of Jaraanaas`hana Rasaayana.
  • The rejuvenating therapy which is administered or followed by living inside a specially constructed cottage.

Poorvakarma (Prerequisites):

Instrument checklist:

  • A cottage should be constructed near the village, in an auspicious place facing towards east or north side; taking into account the height and weight of the person.
  • The cottage should contain three rooms (Trigarbhaa), one inside the other. The cottage should be high roofed and should have small windows.
  • The cottage should be constructed in such a manner that the person living inside should not come in direct contact with excessive wind flow or sun rays.
  • The cottage should have proper ventilation.
  • The cottage should be well lighted and pleasant to the mind.
  • The walls of the cottage should be thick so that the cottage becomes sound proof and does not get affected due to seasonal climatic changes.
  • The cottage should be well equipped with all the required appliances.

Patient preparation:

  • The patient should be of Pravara Satva (strong will power).
  • Kshaura Karma (hair cut) should be done.
  • The patient should be administered all the Panchakarma therapies to eliminate the S`haareera Dosha.
  • He should be advised to follow the Aachaara Rasaayana to eliminate the Maanasa Dosha.
  • The patient should enter the cottage on an auspicious day after praying.
  • The patient should consume Hareetakyaadi S`hodhana after oleation and fomentation after entering the cottage till the residual Pureesha is cleaned.
  • Then he should follow the Sansarjana Krama.


  • The patient should follow the regime prescribed for Svasthavritta.
  • The patient should be advised to stay in the cottage for 60 – 90 days as indicated.
  • During this period he should consume light diet in limited quantity only on feeling hungry.
  • The patient should be advised to consume the indicated Rasaayana in the morningThe dose should be increased gradually depending upon the digestive power. The dose should be enough to suffice on meal and should be according to the age, Prakriti and indication.
  • The maximum dose of the medicine should be such that the patient should not feel hungry till evening.
  • The patient should eat rice and milk in the evening.
  • The patient should be advised to avoid all mental and physical exertion totally.
  • The patient should be advised to avoid direct contact with cold water.


  • The patient should gradually come out of the inner rooms and finally out of the cottage and restart his daily work.
  • He should follow the Sansarjana Krama.
  • He should follow Pathya for double the length of stay after leaving the cottage.

Chikitsaa Karma (Benefits):

  • Deerghaayushkara (long life)
  • Smriti Vardhaka (improves memory both short and long / retentive)
  • Medhya (promotes intellect)
  • Aarogyakara (improves health)
  • Vayasthaapana (retards aging)
  • Varn`ya (beneficial to complexion)
  • Svarya  (beneficial to voice)
  • Balya (improves physical power and efficiency)
  • Indriya Balaprada (improves sensory activity)
  • Vaaksiddhee (confidence in speech)
  • Vrishya (aphrodisiac, improves libido and performance)
  • Rasaayana (rejuvenation)
  • Kaantiprada (improves skin colour and glow)
  • Jaraahara (retards premature aging)
  • Saptadhaatu Vardhana (improves total metabolism)
  • Srotas S`hodhana (cleanses the channel)
  • Dhaatvagnee Vardhana (improves tissue metabolism)
  • Oja Vriddheekara (increases Oja)

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