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Mana Chikitsaa

C.Su.11, Sha.1, A.H.Su.1

Mana is known by psych or mind in the contemporary sciences. Ayurveda has mentioned the psycho-somatic nature of disease. A number of factors in the present era affect the functions of mind causing the unnecessary deviation in the functional attributes of mind showing different signs and symptoms. This results in either psychological disorder or psychosomatic disease. Many of the times these signs and symptoms remain in dormant phase and suddenly even with minute stimulus results in hazardous disease. Some of the effects on Mana could be stages in pathogenesis or Hetu forsome diseases. (e.g. Bhaya for Bhayaja Atisaara)

Saamanya Chikitsaa:
Such diseases are covered under disorders like UnmaadaApasmaara, AtatvaabhiniveshaGraha Roga etc. DhiDhairya and Aatma Vidnyaana are remedies for psychological disorders. It includes proper reasoning and intellect, decision process and knowledge about self. Charaka has described following treatment for Mana.

Dnyaana (knowledge of supreme spirit or self)
Vidnyaana (philosophical knowlege)
Dhyaana (meditation)
Smriti (memory)
Samaadhi (control of mind by freeing from all objects of senses)

All these aspects are grouped in the term Satvaavajaya, which means control of mind by giving up unwholesome contact to objects of senses.

Treatment of psychological diseases should be given considering Hetu, relation to other factors as DoshaDhaatu, Indriya, Vyaadhi Svabhaava, Vyaadhi Avasthaa etc. Some of the principles are highlighted as examples.

Some diseases should be treated considering causative factors(Hetu Vipareeta Chikitsaa). For example, Bhayaja Atisaara should be treated by Aas`hvaasanaHarshan`a and Mana Prasaadana along with other treatment.

Some diseases require immediate counselling (Aas`hvaasana) to boost morale of patient otherwise depressed attitude (Vishaada) can lead to further aggravation. Hence Aas`hvaasana is indicated in S`hankaa Visha, Moorchchhaa, Unmaada, Hridroga.

Similarly Manah Prasaadana, Harshan`a etc treatment is required in diseases like Aruchi, Madaatyaya, Unmaada etc.

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Chikitsaa guidelines for specific Nidaana:

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Nasht`a Manas, Chitta Naas`ha, Nasht`a Manas,Harshan`a, Mana Prasannatva, Sattvaavajaya, Mana Tusht`ikara
Mana Avasaada / Mana SaadaMana Hlaadana, Mana Prasannatva, Sattvaavajaya, Mana Tusht`ikara, Mana Saadahara
Mana Vibhrama / Mana Vibhrama / Mana Bhraman`a / Mana Samudbhrama / Vibhraanta ManasSattvaavajaya, Mana Vibhrams`hahara, Mana Vibhramahara, Mana Vikritatvahara
Mana Abhighaata / Mana Upaghaata / Mana Upahatatva / Mana Vihata / Mana Hanana / Mana HatatvaMana Hlaadana, Mana Prasannatva, Mana Kshobhahara, Mana Vyaakulatvahara,
Mana Moha / Mana PramohaMana Tusht`ikara, Mana Prasaadana , Mana Mohahara, Mana Pramohahara, Mana Doshahara
Mana Taapa / Mana TaptatvaMana Prasannatva, Mana Tusht`ikara, Mana hlaadana, Mana Taapahara

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