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S`hooka Roga

C.Chi.30, S.Ni.12-14, S.U.38, A.H.U.33, M.N.63

Guhya Roga are the diseases which are manifested on the external genitalia of the male and female. S`hooka Dosha of Sus`hruta has been considered under Guhya Roga by Vaagbhat`aS`hooka Dosha is the injurious effect of using an insect (S`hooka) for penile enlargement.

        S`hookah Sajantu Malah Lingavriddhikaro Yogo Vaa; Dosho Atra Dusht`I, Asamyakkaran`aad Vaikritam; Athavaa Dosho Vaataadih, Vaataadikrito Vikaarah | Su. Ni. 14/1
        S`hookavad Lingavriddhikaratvaad Anyo Api s`hookasamah S`hookah, Tena vaa Tasya Vaa Dosho Atra Dusht`ih Asamyakkaran`aad Vaikritam | Su. Ni. 14/1
        Akramaat S`haphaso Vriddhim Yo Abhivaanchhati Mood`hadhee |
Vyaadhayah Jaayante Das`ha Chaasht`au Cha S`hookajaah || M. N.48

These are 18 totally:

  1. Sarshapikaa
  2. Asht`heelikaa
  3. Grathita
  4. Kumbheekaa
  5. Alajee
  6. Mridita
  7. Samood`hapid`akaa
  8. Avamantha
  9. Pushkarikaa
  10. Spars`hahaani
  11. Uttamaa
  12. S`hataponaka
  13. Tvakpaaka
  14. S`hinitaarbuda
  15. Maamsaarbuda
  16. Maamsapaaka
  17. Vidradhi
  18. Tilakaalaka

This is the Pid`akaaon the penis due to abuse of the S`hooka for penile enlargement. These Pid`akaa gets manifested due to vitiation of Kapha and Rakta. It is called as Sarshapikaa. According to Maadhava Nidaana, it is Kapha and Vaataja.

Asht`heelikaa Asht`heelaa naama Lohakaaraan`aam Lauhee Deerghavartulaa Bhaan`d`ih | Gayadaasa
This is the Pid`akaa casued due to the vitiation of Vaayu. This is Kat`hina (hard), it is irregular at the end. This is called as Asht`heelikaa.

This is a Granthi which is filled with the S`hooka due to its regular application due to vitiation of Kapha.

Kumbheekaa :
It is caused due to the vitiation of the Pitta and Rakta. It is black in colour. It resembles to the seed of the Jambu.

This manifests with the same symptoms of the Prameha Pid`akaa Alajee.

Due to Mardana and Peed`ana of penis there is vitiation of Vaayu causing Samrabdha i. e. S`hopha. It is called as Mridita.

Sammood`hapid`akaa :
Due to excessive Peed`ana, penis gets completely stupefied (Sammood`ha) causing vitiation of Vaata and Rakta. It is called as Sammood`ha Pid`akaa.

Avamantha / Adhimantha:
This is caused while trying to make the penis large. There is formation of the large and multiple Pid`akaa which are ruptured in the centre of it. It is called as Avamantha. It is caused due to the vitiation of the Kapha and Rakta. There is Vedanaa and RomaHarsha (bristling of the hairs).

It is caused due to the vitiation of Pitta and Rakta. This is a Pid`akaa which is covered by Pid`akaa again. It resembles to the Padmakarn`ikaa. It is called as Pushkarikaa.

Rakta gets vitiated due to the S`hooka causing Spars`hahaani. It is called as Spars`hahaani.

This is a Pid`akaaresembling to the Mudga or Maasha (Green or black gram). It is caused due to the vitiation of the Pitta and Rakta. It is caused due to the wrong and repeated application of the S`hooka.

The tissue of the penis gets perforated with small multiple openings. It is caused due to the vitiation of the Vaata and Rakta. It is called as S`hataponaka.

It is caused due to the vitiation of Pitta and Rakta. There is Jvara and Daaha. It is Tridoshaja according to Vaagbhat`a. It is caused due to Vaata Pitta according to Maadhava Nidaana.

The tissue of the penis gets suffered by the black coloured blisters (Krishn`a Sphot`a). They are bloody. They are occupied by the Pid`akaa. There is severe pain (Ugra Rujaa). It is called as S`hon`itaarbuda.

Abuse of the S`hooka causes Maamsa Vriddhi causing Maamsaarbuda.

There is obliteration of the Maamsa Dhaatu of Penis. There are all the types of pains (Daaha, Kan`d`oo and S`hoola). It is called as MaamsaPaaka caused due to all the three Dosha.

Vidradhi which manifests on the penis as the abuse of the S`hooka is same as of the Vidradhi explained in the Nidaanasthaana of Sus`hruta Samhitaa 9th chapter.
There is vitiation of Tvak, Rakta, Maamsa and Medas. There is involvement of all the three Doshai. e. Sannipaata.

When black or varied coloured poisonous S`hooka_s are applied on the penis, they cause suppuration (Paaka) of the penis. At this time, the muscular tissue of the penis gets shattered after breaking in to small pieces like Tila (Sesame). This is called as TilaKaalaka which is caused due to vitiation of all the three Dosha.
According to Vaagbhat`a, there are 23 Guhya Roga.

Dosha harbored in the Rakta and Maamsa at the penile or vaginal region, manifest with the muscular growths internally or externally, like nails. There is itching also. There are sticky and bloody secretions. These are called as Maamsa Keelaka which lead to impotence. They are called as Ars`ha.

Due to Mardana etc. Vaayu gets aggravated. This Vaayu causes retraction of the skin on the glans. There is pain and Daaha. It sometimes gets suppurated. This skin becomes dense and hangs down under the glans. It is associated with Kapha. There is Kan`d`oo and Kaat`hinya. It is called as Nivritta.

When the skin on the penis gets healed with difficulty, it is called as Avapaat`ikaa.

Niruddha Man`i:
Due to vitiation of Vaayu, skin on the glans penis gets stagnated there causing the obstruction to the urine. It leads to the painless micturation. There is brightness and obstruction of the glans penis. It is called as Niruddha Man`i.

Maamsaarbuda, Maamsapaaka, Vidradhi and Tila Kaalaka are Asaadhya.

Differential diagnosis of Guhya Roga

Guhya RogaArs`haNivrittaAvapaat`ikaaNiruddha Man`i
AvayavaMed`hraYoni / Bhaga   
DoshaTridoshaVaata PrakopaKapha PrakopaVaata PrakopaKapha PrakopaVaata Prakopa 
DhaatuRakta Dusht`iMaamsa Dusht`iMaamsa Dusht`iMaamsa Dusht`i  
Mala   Mootra Sanga
Guhya RogaSpars`hahaaniUttamaaS`hataponakaTvakpaakaMaamsaarbudaMaamsaPaakaVidradhiTilakaalaka
Asaadhya    AsaadhyaAsaadhyaAsaadhyaAsaadhya
Dosha Pitta PrakopaVaata PrakopaPitta PrakopaVaata Prakopa Tridosha PrakopaTridosha PrakopaTridosha Prakopa
DhaatuRakta Dusht`iRakta Dusht`iRakta Dusht`iRakta Dusht`iMaamsa Dusht`iMaamsa Dusht`iRaktaMaamsaMedas Dusht`iMaamsa Dusht`i 
Upadhaatu      Tvak 
Guhya RogaSarshapikaaAsht`heelikaaGrathitaKumbheekaaAlajeeMriditaSammood`hapid`akaaAvamanthaPushkarikaa
DoshaKapha PrakopaVaata PrakopaVaata PrakopaKapha PrakopaPitta PrakopaTridosha PrakopaVaata PrakopaVaata PrakopaKapha PrakopaPitta Prakopa
DhaatuRakta Dusht`i  Rakta Dusht`iAll Dhaatu Dusht`i Rakta Dusht`iRakta Dusht`iRakta Dusht`i
Upadhaatu    LaseekaaTvakVasaa    
Ojas    Oja Kshaya    

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