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Ch.Chi.15, S.U.40, M.N.4

The function of Grahan`ee is to hold the food material till it is digested; it is released for further processing. The disease in which physiology of Grahan`ee is hampered is called as Grahan`ee.

        Grahan`ee Dosha means that Dosha which are situated in Grahan`eeAgnimaandya and Ajeern`a are the diseases which are manifested in Grahan`ee, but here only 4 types are included as Grahan`ee Dosha as typical destruction of Grahan`ee. In these diseases Grahan`ee gets disturbed physiologically.

        Grahan`ee is site of Agni (digestive power) and as it holds the food (Grahan`a) it is called as Grahan`ee. It is the sixth Kalaa, which is also called as Pittadharaa Kalaa. It is related to umbilical region. Grahan`ee gets strength due to this digestive power (Agni) and so it holds the undigested food and when gets digested is passed on. This function of Grahan`ee is hampered when Agni Dusht`i happens (lowered capacity of digestive fire to digest) and then Grahan`ee passes undigested food as it is.

        Grahan`ee is disturbed when a person indulges in the causes which reduce the capacity to digest (Agni).

        It may happen that a person cured of Atisaara having less digestive capacity, when consumes unwholesome diet, his / her Grahan`ee is affected. Therefore, it is necessary that a person should obey the restrictions like a purgated person (Viriktavat), till he becomes strong enough and the Dosha get reduced.

        Actually, strength of Grahan`ee is nothing but digestive capacity (Agni) which resides in it, so when Agni gets distorted, necessarily Grahan`ee also gets distorted.

Grahan`yaah rogo Grahan`ee Rogah | M. N. 4.2,3 T`eekaa
The disease of Grahan`ee is Grahan`ee or Grahan`ee Dosha.

It is also denoted by Grahan`ee Dosha.


  1. Vaataja
  2. Pittaja
  3. Kaphaja
  4. Saannipaatika

Actually, Grahan`ee Dosha resembles to Ajeern`a. Agni Dusht`i is a major factor in Grahan`ee Dosha. Charakaachaarya has explained four types of Agni in Rogaaneeka Vimaana. They are

        Teekshn`a Agni
        Manda Agni
        Vishama Agni
        Sama Agni

Amongst these excluding Sama Agni, all three types are the imbalance in digestive capacity. These all can be treated as Grahan`ee DoshaSama Agni is a cause of healthy status of a person.


  1. Due to indigestion (Ajeern`a), eating in excess amount (Atibhojana), Vishamaas`hana etc. digestive capacity is hampered. (Agni Dush`i)
  2. Easily digestible food material also can not be digested by a person.
  3. Therefore, the food turns acidic (S`huktatva – Amlataam)
  4. The food resembles to poison as a poison is a cause of many diseases, this undigested food is also a cause of many diseases.
  5. Actually, all types of Ajeern`a are categorized in this, viz. Aamaajeern`a, Vidagdhaajeern`a, Visht`abdhaajeern`a, Rasas`heshaajeern`a.
  6. This Annavisha when gets associated with Vaata, Pitta or Kapha it manifests with the symptoms according to the Dosha.
  7. If it gets associated with Mootra it causes Mootraroga; when gets associated with Pureesha, it manifests with Kukshi roga. When it gets associated with Dhaatu like Rasa etc. then it causes diseases respected to that Dhaatu.
  8. In Grahan`ee the food is partly digested and partly undigested i. e. Vidaaha. Grahan`ee passes the food either digested (Pakva) or indigested (Aama).

Lakshan`a: (Poorvaroopa – Upadrava):

In Poorva Roopa Avasthaa Grahan`ee passes Pakva and Apakva food, in Roopa Avasthaa it passes only Aama food.

When aggravated Dosha, singly or collectively distort Grahan`ee, then it passes the undigested food for many times. It may pass digested food also. There is pain in abdomen associated with it. It becomes foul smelled. It may be properly formed due to Vaata or liquefied due to Pitta. This is a disease which is called as Grahan`ee.

The formed bowel may pass suddenly and repeatedly without any cause or unformed bowel may pass suddenly and repeatedly without any cause. This situation may remain for a long period because of accumulation of bowel (Sanchayaat Cha Upaves`hayet)

Sangraha Grahan`ee

It is very complicated to treat, rather incurable and chronic in nature. It aggravates in day time and pacifies in night. The causative factor behind this is Aama, Vaata or Saama Vaata.

When a person sleeps a person feels pain in the flanks (Paars`hva S`hoola) and there is a sound like pouring of water through a vessel (Jala Ghat`ee Dhvani)

This is also called as Ghat`ee Yantra or Sangraha Grahan`ee.

Grahan`ee: General information

        Rogamaarga: Aabhyantara
        Vyaadhi Prakaara: Aamapradoshaja Vikaara Svabhaava Chirakaaree
        MalaPureeshaSaama or Pakva
        Saadhya: Baalaka
        Krichchhra Saadhya: Anatiksheen`a Bala, Maamsa, Rakta
        AsaadhyaKsheen`a, Vriddha, Upadravayukta Rugn`a

Comparative study of Grahan`ee types

 VaatajaPittajaKaphajaSaannipaatikaGhat`ee Yantra
DoshaVaataPrakopa(Ati Vriddha)KaphaPrakopa(Ati Vriddha)VaataPittaKaphaPrakopa(Ati Vriddha)VaataPittaKaphaPrakopa(Ati Vriddha)Saama Vaata
AgniAgni Dusht`iAgnimaandyaAgni Dusht`iAgni AaplaavanAgni Dusht`iAgni Hanana  

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