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C.Chi.17, S.U.50, S.U. 51, A.H. Chi. 4, N.R. Hikkaa, N.R. S`hvaasa

S`hvaasa and Hikkaa are life threatening diseases. S`hvaasa is a state in which a person breaths with difficulty. S`hvaasa is caused due to upward movement of Vaata. It is mainly caused due to Kapha Prakopa, Praan`a Vaata Prakopa. It is a Madhyama Maargagata Vyaadhi. It is a Pittasthaana Samudbhava disease. The involved Srotasa are Praan`avaha Srotas, Annavaha Srotas and Udakavaha Srotas. Both thediseases affect Hridaya and there is debilitation of all the Dhaatu.

Saamaanya Chikitsaa:
The first line of treatment in S`hvaasa is S`hodhana if the patient is having good mental and physical strength. While administration of any type of S`hodhana, precaution should be taken to avoid vitiation of Vaata Dosha caused by the medicine or complication of S`hodhana.

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