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Principles of Sams`hodhana Chikitsaa

Dr. Ashutosh Patankar
M.D. (Ayurved)


The Sams`hodhana Chikitsaa is a special type of treatment in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. This is a method, which is designed to give an edge in the treatment of various disorders (the only exception is of different Myopathy). The principal aim of this treatment is to clear the burden on the body metabolism by inactivating and eliminating different toxins and toxic turned intermediate body metabolite. Practically this cuts down the tenure of treatment by enhancing the body response to the medicines and adds a totally different dimension to the cure by reversal of pathology. This type of treatment becomes a must when the Dosha molecules are formed in the wrong form (shape)

Principles to be followed in Sams`hodhana Chikitsaa

  1. The first principle is the general guideline by Aachaarya Sus`hruta which states that the Dosha in the Vriddha state are to be reduced (by eliminating them or metabolizing them or suppressing their production in the body), those in Ksheen`a (depleted) state are to be increased and those in the state of proportionate harmony are to be maintained in the same state.

    The Dusht`ee of the Dosha is defined as the Vaishamyagamanam i.e. disproportionate balance of the three Dosha_s quantitatively, and qualitatively and functionally at the same time. This also means that the Dosha molecules are formed in an abnormal structure (and needless to say they behave abnormally in the body functioning).

    According to the above principle the Sams`hodhana works to correct this imbalance simultaneously. The Sams`hodhana being a cleansing flushing process gets rid of the structurally deformed molecules and their malfunctions causing the pathologies.
  2. The second principle is of Paachana. The above said Dusht`a Dosha are many a times to be subjected to the process of conversion by virtue of which they can be isolated from taking art in the physiological functions in the body thus inactivating them. This inactivating conversion process is termed as Paachana. This is to be carried out by controlling the diet intake (Kshut and Trut` langhana) and by the therapeutic action out Paachana at the level of the different Dhaatu is to be completed before the Samshodhana process is initiated.
  3. The Sams`hodhana is carried out at times to reduce the quantity of the Aama Dosha instantly. This helps the body to take care of the little remaining in the Kosht`ha by the action of Jaat`haraagni. This is a rare occasion when the Sams`hodhana processes are carried out without using the Paachana and other Poorva Karma. In such conditions the standards of the S`huddhi change and the process is to be stopped by the Vaidya considering the Doshabala and Rugn`abala.
  4. The forth principal is laid down by Vaagbhat`a that the SaamaDosha_s, which are spread throughout the body, are not to be subjected to the Shodhana process directly. If somebody tries to this the body is harmed to a greater extent. This holds true in cases of skin disorders, S`hotha etc. the treatment principles of these diseases are designed accordingly.
  5. The fifth principal is regarding the post Sams`hodhana treatment. In case the S`hodhana is completed and all the Dosha_s are drained properly, the body should be cured by Pathya or diet. When the health status is stabilized further treatment is to be done with the Rasaayana or regenerating therapy and the Vaajeekaran`a. In case the S`hodhana is not completed thoroughly and a small quantity of Dosha remains inside, they should be inactivated and drained out of the body by Paachana and Anulomana (more specifically the Dosha Anulomana) medicines. Unless this is done, further treatment is not to be taken up.

Now not a principle but a tip that the Sams`hodhana therapy is a very specific way of treatment and is designed for every person separately. The designer only knows all the details and no changes should be done in the design or the way of carrying out of the treatment without the prior permission of the Vaidya. This process is quick in giving relief but equally fast in life threatening side effects also!

Dr. Ashutosh Patankar
Ayurvedic Physician, Pune.

Last updated on February 25th, 2021 at 08:00 am

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