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Omni-substances (Parama-Padaartha)

Dr. B.V.Sathye
M.Sc; Ph.D

Oriental scientists have gone into the finest details, behind the existence of any and every substance. These factors may not be of the usual dimensional qualities, but by repeated, non-exceptional refined observations, every component behind evolvement is examined and scrutinized. The page, printed and being read at the present moment, has reached its present stage by certain non-material components.

With the availability of (some) paper and command over printing technique, this page was initially contributed by a concept in the mind. Someone capable (author, publisher) conceived in his mind that a page communicating evolvement of all can be prepared. When this idea initially came in the mind there was nothing. But the idea, conceptualization is the first contribution in making a page available. The capacity to reorganize available material and process it is consequent contribution. Out of the available paper, then a particular, specific size is chosen for the layout of the text. This may have initial conceptualization about a number of minor component details. When the activity of thinking and rearrangement was stopped further, by inhibitions to other alternatives; the design for the page could actually be executed.

Conceptualisation (without material proper) is the first important contribution. Reorganization or rearrangement of materials and processes on available material is possible after initial conceptualisation. This conceptualisation is with many alternatives. The alternatives on the conceptual and material process fronts need to be restricted, frozen, inhibited, for actual manufacturing.

Eastern scientists state that evolvement of anything requires conceptualisation (Satva) and reorganization according to capacity (Rajas) and inhibition (Tamas) to other alternatives in conceptualisation and reorganization. If the process of alternatives in conceptualisation and process etc continues the conceived entity cannot come into existence.

SatvaRajasTamas are the three contributing factors that are absolutely necessary. This applies to a pin as also to metro complex entities. Living beings possess a curiosity to know their surroundings. They make efforts to facilitate the curiosity. Reading this page e.g. is started by the reader out of curiosity. So he has taken efforts to have the book and flip the page to the desired contents. After reading for a while appearance, of ignorance dominates. Then efforts to replace the book in a cupboard are ahead.

For curiosity or inhibition; some efforts are necessary. This is seen in all beings, at all time and in all places. Considering this non-exceptional all pervading observation in all times and in all place; oriental scientists state that behaviour modification is due to different proportions of (contributed) SatvaRajasTamas.

They have been given a special term existing in every ParamaPadaartha_s. It can be described as omni-substances. The definition is as follows Anything that is understood, and has made significant contribution to idea-concept, re-arrangement and inhibition to alternatives earlier, is present everywhere.

In Ayurvedic profession, it is the expression of pain / pleasure that carries significance. If the expression of pain / pleasure is more, less, not comprehended properly, the decision to estimate pain will be full of errors.

Persons by their specific nature of mind; do not outwardly express pain to avoid trouble to others, even though they know the severity of the pain. Some persons express pain very loudly even though the pain is slight. To some persons another person has to remind them that the situation is painful and he should seek a remedy from a professional.

Rich or poor, literate or illiterate, persons exhibit distinct class specific characteristics. Less expressed pain, is more serious and deserves intensive professional attention for recovery. Understood, but expressed by augmentation to catch attention deserves, a discount and ordinary management is sufficient even though loud waiting is there. Not understanding the surrounding or inside situation; and therefore grumbling with ignorance and apprehension, a persons management is more difficult even though skilful professionals and high-tecmaterial is at command.

Skilful elicitation of distinct dominance of SatvaRajasTamas is necessary for success in a profession. Satva-dominant is always curious about the relation between cause and effect. Rajas dominant is after enjoyment all the while, till hindered by illness. He is not keen on knowing the cause of ill healthbut needs reassurance and actual strict do and donts. The Tamas dominant person has to be given orientation about prevalent status and forcefully taken to persons or centres of treatment. He is afraid of everything around and does not rely on anyones advice. He keeps on counterchecking the advice given by one, with other. He does not, of his own, proceed firmly to follow any treatment given after consultation.

The reason for calling SatvaRajasTamas as existing in evolvement of all, is well spread. The reaction of any stimulus is different according to dominance of these substances. Even though dissimilar in every aspect to each either; they are in a specific combination present in every individual. Contrary entities contribute to the formation of the body. Equally the Manas is also composed to combination of dissimilar fine substances; available everywhere, every time, in everybody. No material component of specific qualities is responsible for the range or patterns of behaviour.

Satva dominant individual can bear the pain situation and recovers from a calamity by his own thinking powers. The Rajas dominant will express more both for pain and pleasure and even though initially destabilized can build his recovery when assured by some one with confidence. Tamas dominant however does not get stabilized in calamity (situation) even though, there are many to reassure him. They are vulnerable to calamitous stimuli and succumb to apprehension of everything.

The Medical profession, by being aware of this dominance in different persons can suitably tailor the line of treatment. And by doing so the bad prognosis can be a little modified. In equal sufferings situations, the recovery by SatvaRajasTamas dominant patients is with different prognosis. Satva, dominance enhances recovery even in serious status, whereas Tamas dominance aggrevateseven in a relatively trivial situation.

The communication of events, need to be restricted, so as to affect less the RajasTamas dominant persons. Even news of happiness can be over understood by Rajas dominant person to result in disease.

Examination of Manas dominance by SatvaRajasTamas is very significant in actual management.

Maternal, paternal, components conscience, Manas with divine and demon characters when properly associated together the development of the foetus actually starts. Maternal, paternal component are examinable, but conscience, Manas shades and qualities from God & demons is visible only to those possessing distinct endowed capacity.

Dr. B.V.Sathye
Sr.Scientist AyuSoft. Pune.

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