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Chikitsaa Prakaara: Utsaadana

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • =iºÉÉnxÉÆ ÊxɨxÉ µÉhɺªÉÉäzÉÊiÉEò®hɨÉ *                                b±½þhÉ
  • The procedure by which the wound is elevated i.e. Vran`atala is lifted up.

Poorvakarma (Prerequisites):

Medicine Preparation:

  • Nyagrodhaadi Gan`a, Padmakaadi Gan`a, As`hvagandhaa, Balaa, Vaataghna, Stanya, Brimhan`eeya, Jeevaneeya, Apaamaarga Moola, Taalapatri, Suvarchalaa Moola, Sooryaavarta Moola, Yava, Godhooma, Godugdha
  • Tila Kalka + Madhu


  • In conditions where in the wound is not infected, the granulation is fair, and no discharge, though patient is not having any history of diabetes or leprosy, there is a slow process of healing. In such condition the wound is usually deep; hence to bring back such wound to the skin level this procedure should be done.
  • There is Kshaya of Maamsa Dhaatu; hence the treatment should include Maamsarasaand otherrecipes containing Maamsa.
  • ¨ÉÉƺÉÆ ¨ÉÉƺÉäxÉ Ê´É´ÉvÉÇiÉä *
  • The Upalepana Karma of Maamsa Dhaatu is helpful here.

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