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This disease is first described by Bhaavaprakaas`ha and then by Maadhava Nidaana.
As the disease got transmitted from Phiranga Des`ha, it is described as Phiranga.
The disease manifests on penis, vagina or may be on nipples.
This disease is correlated with Syphilis described by modern science.


  • Gandha Roga
  • Phiranga

Phiranga Samdnyake Des`he Baahulyenaiva Yad Bhaved |
Tasmaat Phiranga Ityukto Vyaadhirvyaadhivis`haaradai || M. N. 71
The disease which is observed more in the Phiranga Des`ha, called as Phiranga.
This is Aagantuja Vikaara.


  • This disease is caused due to the contact with the people of Phiranga Des`ha.
  • This also cause due to the sexual contact with the females of this Des`ha.
  • Thus, first it is caused by exogenous cause, and then Dosha get afflicted to it.


  • Baahya
  • Aabhyantara
  • Baahyaabhyantara

Baahya Phiranga

This is manifested with Visphot`a like symptom. There is relatively mild pain (Alpa Ruk). When the Visphot`a bursts, it leads to Vran`a.
This is Saadhya.

Aaabhyantara Phiranga
This types manifests on the joints. It resembles to the pain in Aamavaata. There is Oedema also.
This is Kasht`asaadhya.

Baahyaabhyantara Phiranga
Symptoms of both; Baahya and Aabhyantara manifest in this type.

Upadrava of Phiranga


Saadhya Phiranga


Kasht`Asaadhya Phiranga

Asaadhya Phiranga

        Baahyaabhyantara Phiranga

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