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Chikitsaa Prakaara:S`hirobasti

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • The procedure in which medicine is held on head with the help of a belt like structure placed over head.

Poorvakarma (Prerequisites):

  • Hair from patient’s head should be completely shaved.
  • The patient should be administered Virechana, Nasya, Svedana and Snehana as per indication.


  • The patient should be asked to sit on a knee-high stool with a straight back.
  • The S`hirobasti Yantra should be placed over the patient’s head just above the ears.
  • The S`hirobasti Yantra should fit properly over the patient’s head.
  • The S`hirobasti Yantra should cover all the area of head above the ear and half of the forehead.
  • The joints of the S`hirobasti Yantra should be sealed with the paste of black gram to avoid any leakage of medicine. It should be allowed to dry.
  • The lukewarm medicine should be poured into the S`hirobasti Yantra.
  • Volume of the medicine should be such that it should come up to 2 inch above the scalp.
  • The medicine should be kept lukewarm throughout the whole procedure. For this little quantity of medicine should be removed and replaced by a hot medicine of the same amount. This process should be repeated till symptoms of adequate S`hirobasti appear.
  • Duration of the procedure should be according to the following table
DiseaseDuration in Maatraa
Healthy person1000
Vaata dominance10000
Pitta dominance8000
Kapha dominance6000


  • The medicine should be collected in a utensil by asking the patient to bend his head forward.
  • Head region should be cleaned.
  • Samvaahana (shampooing / rubbing gently) should be done over neck, head, back and shoulder region.
  • Bath with hot water.
  • Raasnaadi Choorn`a should be sprinkled on head after drying.
  • Head should be covered after bath and exposure to sun and wind should be avoided.

Other Description:

  • The procedure should be done continuously for 7 days.

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