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C.Su.19, V. 7, S.U.54, A.H.Ni.14, Chi.20, M.Ni.7

Due to causative aggravating factors, Kapha and Pitta gets aggravated. It generates different types of Krimi. These Krimi reside at various places in the body. e.g. Aamaas`hayaPakvaas`haya, Dhamanee, Rakta etc.

There are 20 types of Krimi, which can be also divided as

  1. Baahya
  2. Aabhyantara

There are also numerous types of Krimi, which can not be counted. According to origin, Krimi are of three types, which could be again classified as visible and invisible.

  1. Dris`hya (visible): Pureeshaja (7) and Kaphaja (6) = 13
  2. Adris`hya (invisible): Raktaja (7)

        Kaphaja – Aamaas`haya, Pakvaas`haya ()
        Pureeshaja -Aamaas`haya, Pakvaas`haya
        Raktaja -Dhamanee

Sanjaata Krimi Lakshan`a:

  1. Jvara
  2. Vivarn`ataa
  3. S`hoola
  4. Hridroga
  5. Sadana
  6. Bhrama
  7. Bhaktadvesha
  8. Atisaara

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