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Chikitsaa Prakaara: S`hon`ita Aasthaapana

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • Stopping the bleeding from the wound is termed as S`hon`ita Aasthaapana.


  • These measures should be taken when the bleeding does not stop naturally. There are 4 ways of stopping bleeding.
  1. Sandhaana – Ligation of blood vessels or sprinkling of astringent powders.
  2. ºÉÆvÉÉxÉÒªÉÉä ʽþiÉÉè Ê{ÉkÉä
  3. Skandana – Cold fomentation or giving S`heeta Dravya internally.
  4. Paachana – Removal of clot or slough by application of Kshaara.
  5. Dahana – This is cauterization by Tapta S`halaakaa or cautery.

Other Description:

  • In modern era hydrogen peroxide is used for this purpose or an instrument to remove the clot or slough.

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