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C.Vi.2, Su.U.56, A.H.Ni.8, M.N.6

Generally, the disease gets manifested where Aama and Dosha get reside. This disease can be judged by the symptoms, which are manifested due to Aama and Dosha.

Alasaka Iti Doshasthiratvanimittaa Samdnyaa | M. N. 6.19, 20

Prayaati Na Oordhvam Na Adhastaat Aahaaro Na cha Pachyate |
Aamaas`haye Alaseebhootah Tena So Alasakah Smritah || A. H. Su. 8

Alasatvam Nishkriyatvam | A. H. Ni. 8.6

Dosho Apravartamaanatvaad Alaseebhoota Bhavati | Ch. Vi. 2.11 Chakrapaan`i

Alasaka is a disease, which indicates the idle condition of Dosha.

Alasaka is basically caused by Ajeern`a. Su. U. 56.3

After having food in excess quantity, there is no space in the Aamaas`haya for Dosha to act upon the food. Therefore they become idle and static. There is no movement of the food in the Aamaas`haya to digest the food. Hence as Dosha and food become idle and irritated (Dosha Sthiratva and Dosha Kshobha) in the Aamaas`haya, the condition is called Alasaka.

According to Charaka, this is an Aamapradoshaja Vikaara.

A weakened person having less digestive capacity (Agni), having aggravated Kapha, who indulges in suppression of natural urges of Vaata, Mootra and Pureesha, and who consumes food having attributes like Sthira, Guru, Bahu, Rooksha, S`heeta, S`hushka suffers from Alasaka.

In the above situation, consumed food gets mixed with the Vaata and Kapha. The Srotas is Vibaddha (obstructed) and the Mala are adherent (Leena) due to which these Dosha can not be purged out through mouth. So there is a manifestation of symptoms of Aama without manifestation of Chhardi, Ateesaara. This is called Alasaka.

According to Vaagbhat`a all the three Dosha get aggravated simultaneously in the Aamaas`haya. These Dosha and Aama vitiate food causing Visht`mbha (endurance of food and Dosha).

Alasaka manifest in the Kukshi Aanaaha (stability or idleness in the flanks), Moha (Prataamyate), Parikoojana (Aartanaada) (an inarticulate or oppressed sound). Dosha travel in the upward direction as the downward channel is obstructed due to the idle Dosha.

There is Vaata Nirodha and Varcha Nirodha (constipation), Trishn`aa (thirst), Udgaara (belching).



Dan`d`vat Yadi Stambhayanti Tadaa Dan`d`akaalasako Naama Rogo Bhavati |
A.H.Su. 8/12 Arun`adatta.

When in Alasaka disease, body becomes stiff like a pillar (Dan`d`a), it is called Dan`d`aalasaka.

When there is severe increase of Dosha in Alasaka, the Aama obstructs all the channels moving all over the body. It causes Stambha (stiffness) of the body like a pillar. This is called Dan`d“lasaka.
This is an acute disease and the name itself indicates an incurable state of the disease.

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