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Chikitsaa Prakaara: Jaraayu Paatana

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • The procedure, in which by either medicines or with all other measures /efforts, expulsion of the retained placenta is achieved, is termed as Jaraayu Paatana.


  • The abdomen of the woman should be compressed forcefully over umbilicus.
  • The physician should hold the woman by back and waggle violently or by holding with both the arms, violent jerks should be given.
  • The attendant should strike or compress repeatedly the pelvis of the woman by her heels.
  • Both the hips of the woman should be held and violent compressions should be done.
  • Throat or palate of the woman should be touched with braid of hair or a finger wrapped with hair.
  • The vagina should be oleated properly and then the flanks should be compressed and violent jerks should be given.
  • Or the uterus should be compressed and then placenta should be delivered.
  • Yoni Dhoopana, Yoni Lepana, Yoni Pooran`a, Yoni Pichu, Anuvaasana Basti, Aasthaapana Basti, Uttara Basti and oral medication should be done.
  • If all these measures fail then the placenta should be removed manually. Lubricated hand having nails trimmed should be inserted following umbilical cord and placenta should be delivered.


  • Vaginal packing should be done followed with padding. 

Other Description:

  • The principles of these treatments are same as the treatments which are practiced today.
  • Now a day’s manual removal of placenta is done after giving anesthesia.

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