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Ch.Chi.27, A.H.Ni.15

Characteristic feature of Oorustambha is stiff and stable thighs. Oorustambha is a single disease caused by the vitiation of all the three Dosha. It is not divided into types in accordance with the Dosha. In this disease Panchakarma is totally contraindicated.

Synonym: Aad`hyavaata

Stambhayet Sthairya S`haityabhyaam Oorustambhah tatah tu Sah | Ch. Chi. 27.14
(When both the thighs become stiff due to stability and coldness, this is Oorustambha)

        Causative factors of Oorustambha are

  • Consumption of unctuous, hot, Laghu (easy to digest), cold food when earlier food is undigested.
  • Consumption of liquid, dry, curd, milk, meat
  • Liquor prepared from Pisht`a (Starchy) material
  • Sleep in day time, suppressing natural urges etc.

(These factors aggravate Aama and provoke Dosha, especially Kapha)


  1. Aama is aggravated due above causative factors.
  2. Aama accumulates in Kosht`ha. It further coats internal organs.
  3. This Aama gets associated with Meda and obstructs VaataPitta and Kapha.
    Due to the heaviness, this Aama with Meda and Tridosha traverse to the thighs (Ooru) quickly through the channels going downward (Adhogaami Siraa) filling the channels in the thigh and leg.
  4. Kapha with Meda defeating Vaata and Pitta causes stiffness, stability, and coldness in the thighs.

Lakshan`a (Clinical presentation):
        Patient can not lift up the limb or can lift it with difficulty or pain.
Other signs and symptoms are heaviness, stiffness, burning sensation, pain, numbness, and tremors in the thighs.

Status of Sampraapti related factors Oorustambha

AvayavaKosht`ha (Aama Upalepana)
AsaadhyaDaaha Yukta, Arti Yukta, Toda Yukta, Vepana Yukta
DoshaVaata Aamasamruddha, Pitta Aamasamruddha, Kapha Aamasamruddha Dosha Meda Bala Utkat`a, Kapha Sameda, Vaata Kaphaavrita, Vaata Medaavrita
Dosha & Gun`aKapha (Guru, Sthira, S`heeta, Stimita)
DhaatuMedas Sahita Aama
IndriyaAvidheyaparispanda (Asvaadheena) Indriya
Effect on otherAama Sakapha, Aama Samedas, Aama Savaata

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