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Chikitsaa Prakaara: Jentaaka Sveda


  • This procedure should be done during Hemanta Ritu as a daily regime to maintain health.

Poorvakarma (Prerequisites):

  • Instrument checklist:
    A circular room should be constructed on the east or north side of the village. The soil over the land where the room is constructed should be black or yellow in colour. This room should be on the west or south of a pond. This should be situated at a distance of 7 or 8 Aratni from the pond. The diameter and height of the room should be 16 Aratni. The walls of the room are to be smeared with mud. The room should be uniformly circular and have many ventilators. A bench of one Aratni height and width is to be prepared all along the inner wall of the room. A burner (furnace) with 4 Aratni diameter and height equal to that of an individual should be placed at the centre. This burner should have many fine holes and a lid. This should be filled with burning barks of KhadiraAs`hvakarn`a etc. When these are completely burned out and smoke also disappears the patient should enter.
  • Patient preparation:
    Body massage with Vaata alleviating unctuous drugs should be done.


  • The patient should be well covered before entering the room. He should sleep or sit on the bench to receive the fomentation as is convenient to him.


  • Cold-water contact should be avoided immediately after fomentation.
  • The patient should take bath with hot water after one Muhoorta.

Other Description:

  • This is a Teekshn`a type of Sveda & can be included in Taapa Sveda.

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