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Gan`d`amaalaa Nidaana

Su.Ni.11, A.H.U.29, M.N.38

Maalaa Tulya Gan`d`a Yogaat Gan`d`amaalaa | Madhukos`ha
The glands are formed on the cheek (Gan`d`a) in such a way that it looks like garland of the Granthi (glands); therefore it is called as Gan`d`amaalaa.
Karkandhu Kolaa Aamalaka Pramaan`aih Kakshaa amsa Manyaa Gala Vamkshan`eshu |
Medah Kaphaabhyaam Chira Manda Paakaih Syaad Gan`d`amaalaa Bahubhih Gan`d`aih || M. N. 38.8


According to Charaka:

Gan`d`amaalaa manifests at the site of Gala (throat) only.
The causative Dosha is Kapha. Involved Dhaatu are Rakta and Medas.
This Gan`d`amaalaa happens due to the multiple Granthi at the Gala region.

According to Sus`hruta:|
Meda gets accumulated on Hanvasthi, Kakshaa, Baahu Sandhi, Manyaa, Gala causing unctuous glandular growth which is circular or rectangular. As there is involvement of Kapha, there is less pain.

This growth resemble to the seed of Aamalakee.
It resembles to the Matsyaan`d`a Jaala (cluster of eggs of fish).
It is called as Apachee as it goes in increasing (chaya).
There is itching and less pain. It bursts out with secretions and get pacified.
This disease is caused by Meda and Kapha which is difficult to cure and remains for years.

According to Vaagbhat`a:

Gan`d`amaalaa involves Medas Dhaatu.
The Granthi manifest like Bringle or Aamalakee.
This Gan`d`amaalaa is called as Apachee when it is pacifying and appearing repeatedly like Doorvaa.

According to Bhoja:

It is caused by Tridosha and Meda.
Aggravated Vaayu causes accumulation of Meda and Dosha in the Janghaa Kan`d`araa manifesting glandular growth (Granthi).
If these Granthi are manifested on Vaksha, Kakshaa, Manyaa and Gala, then it is called as Apachee.
They appear in the form of garland around Kan`t`haHridaya, Hanu, Sandhi.

Difference between Apachee and Gan`d`amaalaa:
In Gan`d`amaalaaGranthi are manifested in style of garland, whereas in Apachee these are not in style of garland.

Asaadhya criteria for Gan`d`amaalaa:

  1. Jvara
  2. Chhardi
  3. Paars`hva
  4. Ruk
  5. Kaasa
  6. Peenasa

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