विषय सूची पर जायें

चिकित्सा प्रकार:अनग्नि स्वेद – व्यायाम

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • Anagni Sveda – It is an indirect method of fomentation i.e. the patient doesn’t come in direct contact with any hot material or steam etc.
  • Physical action, which is desirable and is capable of bringing about body stability and strength, is known as Vyaayaama.

Chikitsaa Karma:

  • Analasya (non idleness)
  • Dukkha Sahishn`utaa (capacity to endure more stress and strain)
  • Karma Saamarthya (enhances capacity to work)
  • Sphoortida (refreshing)

Other Description:

  • It is one of the types of Langhana.
  • Due to Vyaayaama fomentation occurs at the level of Maamsa Dhaatu and Meda Dhaatu.
  • Excess of physical exertion causes movement of Dosha from Kosht`ha to S`haakhaa due to increased Chala Gun`a of Vaata Dosha.
  • Excess physical exertion causes vitiation of Praan`a Vaayu.
  • Excess physical exertion causes vitiation of  Asthivaha SrotasPraan`avaha Srotas and Svedavaha Srotas.
  • Excess physical exertion causes Ojakshaya.
  • Excess physical exertion causes Rakta Vidaaha.

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