विषय सूची पर जायें

ओजस चिकित्सा

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Ojas is a vital entity to maintain healthy and younger status. Ojas is an entity which provides the site to harbor the Praan`a. It is said to be one of the Praan`aayatana.

Ojas gets nourishment after digestion of food. Ultimately, maintenance of Ojas is dependent on Ojas nourishing food and its proper digestion. Even if the food is having good nourishing qualities but not lacking in digestive energy (Jaat`haraagni), then also vitiation in the Ojas can be seen.

Ojas has very close relation with Hridaya, Manas, Indriya (especially Sense Organs i. e. Dnyaanendriyaan`i), all 7 Dhaatu (especially Rasa and S`hukra Dhaatu) and the Chaitanya Sangraha. It isessence of all Dhaatu from Rasa to S`hukra. It is Saarabhaaga (ultimate essence) of all the Dhaatu; also it is described as Mala or Upadhaatu of S`hukra. Thus, it is the purest and ultimate entity, which is responsible to hold the Praan`a.

Rasa Dhaatu is also named as Ojas.

Sus`hrutaachaarya has designated the strength of body to Ojas considering all these qualities. It is called as Bala.

Properties of Ojas

  1. Somaatmaka (nourished by the moonlight)
  2. Snigdha (unctuous)
  3. S`hukla (bright colored)
  4. S`heeta (cold in nature)
  5. Sthira (steady by its qualitative and quantitative aspect. It does not get easily vitiated unless and until there is strong and long lasting Sampraapti or Hetu Sevana to disturb its normal physiology; therefore any vitiation in the Ojas needs to be given proper attention so as to put it in its normal status)
  6. Sara (moving and liquid in nature)
  7. Vivikta (solitary entity though it is an ultimate essence of all Dhaatu)
  8. Mridu (soft in nature)
  9. Mritsna (bright lustrous Chakahakaayamaana)
  10. Madhura Svabhaavee (sweet in taste)

Functions of Ojas

  1. Sthira Upachita Maamsataa (balanced muscular growth).
  2. Sarva Chesht`aasu Apratighaatah (mental and physical power to carry out any task without getting defeated by the obstacles).
  3. Svara Varn`a Prasaadah (Deep commanding voice and glorious skin luster).
  4. Karan`aanaam Aatma Kaarya Pratipattih (proper and utmost efficiency in the sense and action organs i.e. Dnyaanendriya an`i and Karmendriyaan`i.

Signs of Ojas

Attributes of Ojas are seen in Kapha Prakriti. Those person are Ojasvee, S`haanta (calm and cool), Aayushmanta (having longer life).

Aindra Sattva person have presence of all the attributes of Ojas, hence called as Ojasvee.

A person having equal Aayaaama and Vistaara, is said to be Ojasvee.

Any qualitative enrichment in the Ojas can be inferred by the signs and symptoms observed on Hridaya, Manas, Indriya and all Dhaatu.

Types of Ojas:
Ayurveda explains two types of OjasPara Ojas and Apara Ojas.

Para Ojas:
The quantity of Para Ojas is 8 Bindu. It resides in the Hridaya. It is highly pure (without any waste ingredient S`huddha). It is red in colour with yellow tinge (Raktam Ishat Sapeetakam). This Para Ojas is responsible for continuation of life; therefore it is called as Praanaas`hraya Ojas.

Whenever, there is depletion of this Para (Great) Ojas, it is the indication of death which reflects in form of Arisht`a Lakshn`a described in Indriyasthaana of Charaka Samhitaa. Therefore, one can infer that unless and until there is vitiation of Para Ojas, the Arisht`a Lakshan`a can not be manifested.

Apara Ojas:
Whereas, Apara Ojas is Anjalee in quantity and resides in the Hridaya and Hridayastha 10 Dhamanee. All these Dhamanee carries Ojas which is having qualities same as Rasa (Rasaatmaka). Whenever there is vitiation in Apara Ojas, it is treatable and curable; but as explained earlier vitiation in Para Ojas is a sign for death which reflects in terms of Arisht`a.


The vitiation in this Apara Ojas happens in three ways:

  1. Ojas Kshaya (decrease in terms of quantity)
  2. Ojas Visramsa (falling asunder, dropping down, relaxation, weakness of Ojas)
  3. Ojas Vyaapad (derangement in terms of quality of Ojas)

(Ojas – Kshaya, Visramsa and व्यापद are also termed as Bala – Kshaya, Visramsa and व्यापद respectively as Ojas is also considered as Bala.)

Causative factors for Oja Kshaya and Ojo Visramsa

Abhighaata (trauma)
Kshaya (depletion in body tissues)
Kopa (anger)
Dhyaana (mental representation at one subject)
S`hrama (exertion)
Kshudhaa (hunger)

In the 8th month of pregnancy, Sthira Gun`a of Ojas is not established completely; therefore it is moving from baby to mother and mother to baby; so this is not the proper month for delivery. If Ojas resides in mother, then mother remains fresh and vice versa.

Signs and symptoms of Ojovikriti

Ojo Visramsa

  1. Sandhi Vis`hlesha
  2. Gaatra Saada
  3. Dosha Chyavana
  4. Kriyaa Asannirodha

Ojo Vyaapad

  1. Stabdha Gaatrataa
  2. Guru Gaatrataa
  3. Vaata S`hopha
  4. Varn`a Bheda
  5. Glaani
  6. Tandraa
  7. Nidraa

Oja Kshaya

  1. Adnyaanam
  2. Bhaya (Trastatva)
  3. Chintaa
  4. Durbalatva
  5. Durbalatva
  6. Durmanastvam
  7. Dus`hchhaayatvam
  8. Ichchhaa (Ojavardhaka Annapaana)
  9. Indriya Daurbalya
  10. Kris`hatva
  11. Kshaamatva
  12. Maamsa Kshaya
  13. Malina Kaanti
  14. Maran`a (Mrityu)
  15. Moha
  16. Moorchchhaa
  17. Pralaapa
  18. Rookshatva
  19. Utsaaha Haani

In Oja Kshaya, if a person in Mood`ha Samdnya (Nasht`a Samdnya), then it is Asaadhya condition.

Treatment of Ojo Vikriti (Visramsa / Vyaapad / Kshaya) –
Food and drugs having same qualities to Ojas should be used to enhance quality and quantity of Ojas. Some of such diet and drugs are mentioned as example:

Diet: Milk, Maamsa Rasa, Ghrita Paana
DrugsJeevaneeya Gan`aTugaaksheeryaadi Choorn`a Su.U.58/65, Aindra RasaayanamNaagabalaa GhritaPunarnavaadyarisht`a, also रसायन mentioned in Praan`akaameeya Rasaayana.
पंचकर्मSneha Basti – this is Balaprada and indicated in Nirojastva.
VihaaraBehavioral regimen to treat Ojo Vikriti includes S`heetaambu Seka, Langhana (for Aama Paachana), Snaana and Ratna Dhaaran`a (appropriate precious stones)
Contraindicated diet/lifestyle: Madyapaana, other causative factors of Ojo Vikriti.

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