विषय सूची पर जायें


S.U. 56, M.Ni. 6


  • Generally, a site in the body where Aama and Dosha get resided, there the disease gets manifested; also this disease can be judged by the symptoms which are manifested due to Aama and Dosha.
  • विलम्बिका is basically caused by the अजीर्ण.
  • Consumed food gets vitiated by Kapha and Vaata which does not travel in upward or downward direction. This is called as विलम्बिका.
  • This is difficult to cure (Pratyaakhyeya).
  • Difference between अलसक and विलम्बिका
    • In अलसक there is severe pain but in विलम्बिका there is no pain.

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