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चिकित्सा प्रकार: बालक – कर्ण वेधन

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • Ear lobule puncture of a baby.


  • This procedure should be done in the 6th, 7th or 8th   month after the birth of the baby.
  • The procedure should be conducted in S`heeta Ritu and that too in S`hukla Paksha.

Poorvakarma (Prerequisites):

  • Mangalaacharan`aSvastivaachana

Patient preparation:

  • The baby should be held by the Dhaatree or the Kumaaradharaa in his or her lap.
  • The baby should be entertained with toys.

Medicine preparation:

  • Aama Taila (oil that oozes out after piercing a dry coconut), Apaamaarga Kaasht`haNimba Kaasht`haKaarpaasa Kaasht`ha


  • The surgeon (Vaidya) should talk with the baby in lucid language just to distract him/her.
  • Then he should pull the pinna of the ear in the sunlight so that the Daivakrit Chhidra becomes visible (the thinnest part of the pinna where very few blood vessels are present).
  • The Vaidya should first apply ghee and then mark this point with Alaktaka.
  • He should puncture the pinna with the right hand at the midpoint of Karn`apeet`ha slightly towards the Gan`d`a.
  • For Tanu (thin) pinna, Soochee should be used whereas for a Bahala (thick) pinna Aaraa should be used.
  • He should puncture straight and in one prick.
  • If the baby is a male, physician should puncture right pinna initially and if the baby is a female, physician should puncture left pinna initially.
  • He should not puncture anywhere else than the point of Daivakrit Chhidra.
  • A suturing needle with thread soaked in oil or Aaraa with notch of a shoe-maker or a Kroshaa needle.


  • Aamataila Parisechana of व्रण.
  • The Sootra size should be increased on every third day.
  • When symptoms like ज्वर and शोथ subside Vardhanaka (eg. Nimba Kaasht`ha) should be used to increase the size of the hole.

चिकित्सा Karma:

  • Baalaka Rakshaa. It is one of the acupuncture points and helps in maintaining good vision of the baby.

Samyak Yoga:

  • Absence of active bleeding.
  • Absence of pain.
  • Absence of redness around the punctured site

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