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चिकित्सा प्रकार: जातकर्म (Post natal management)

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • VÉÉiɨÉÉjɺªÉ ´ÉänüÉäHÆú Eú¨ÉÇ *                              Ayurved S`habdakos`ha
  • Administration of various medicines and essential measures which are done immediately after birth of a baby is termed as Jaatakarma.


  • In case the baby does not cry immediately after birth then crying should be induced.
  • For this stones should be struck against each other to produce harsh sound. This generally induces crying and establishes the respiration.
  • If the baby does not respond to sound then alternating hot and cold water sprinkling should be done. Sudden contact with water causes deep inspiration thus the baby starts crying and breathing.
  • Then umbilical cord should be cut after tying at four and eight Anguli and when it stops pulsating.
  • Baby’s anal orifice should be cleaned.
  • The attendant should wrap her finger, nail of which are already trimmed, with clean cotton swab and cleans the palate, lips, throat and tongue of the child.
  • Then the Brahmrandhra should be covered with a cotton swab impregnated with Balaa Taila or Ghrita.
  • Then the Ulba (vernix caseosa) should be removed. Some suggest use of Ghrita and rock salt to remove Ulba.
  • The child should be given bath by massaging with Balaa Taila before when he cries (i.e. regains life) and becomes totally normal.
  • Then Ghrita mixed with rock salt should be given orally to produce emesis.
  • Then first feeding with honey and Ghrita treated with Mantra should be given.
  • According to some first feeding should consist of honey, Ghrita and powder of gold.
  • According to some first feeding should consist of paste of Aindri, Braahmee, S`hankhapushpee, Vachaa, honey and Ghrita in the dose of Haren`u. The feeding should be done with the help of a golden spoon.

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