विषय सूची पर जायें


C.Su. 21, C.Chi. 21, M.Ni. 34

स्थौल्य is the condition in which vitiation of Meda Dhaatu occurs and increases in the amount. Sus`hruta explained स्थौल्य as Rasa Nimittaja where Charaka mentioned it as Medo Dusht`ijanya Vyaadhi. It is further explained as Medoroga in later Classics like Maadhava Nidaana.

Medomaamsaativriddhatvaat Chala Sphig Udarastanah |
Ayathopachayotsaaho Naro Atisthoola uchyate || C.Su.21/9
Meda and Maamsa Dhaatu are increased in their amount highly causing laxity in the Sphi, उदर and Stana. There is improper nourishment. A person lacks in Utsaaha (enthusiasm); who is called as Atisthoola.

Causes of Medoroga:

  1. Avyaayaama
  2. Divaasvapna
  3. Kaphakara Aahaara
  4. Madhura Rasa.

        Due to the causative factors, out of seven Dhaatu, only Medas is increased.
        As the channels are covered by the Medas; other Dhaatu cannot be nourished.
        Only Medas gets nourished.
        This results in the debility to perform physical acts.
        Medas gets accumulated on the abdomen.
        The abdomen gets enlarged in a person.
As Vaata is covered by Medas (Medaavrita Vaata), it traverses in the Kosht`ha and increases Agni (Agni Sandhukshan`a). Therefore, there is quick digestion of food and demands for food.
This leads to the severe diseases. Thus, aggravated Vaata and Agni create more complications. An excessive increase in the Medas is responsible for the manifestation of diseases.
Hence स्थौल्य is stated to be worse than Kaars`hya to treat because of Viruddhopakrama.

Atisthoola Purusha (Highly Obese person):
There is an excessive increase in the Medas and Maamsa DhaatuSphigउदर and Stana get enlarged. There is improper nourishment. There is lack of enthusiasm. These are the symptoms of Medoroga.

Upadrava of Sthaulya:

        प्रमेह पिडका

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