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चिकित्सा प्रकार: अग्नि कर्म

Prakaara Paribhaasha:

  • अग्नीना कृत्त्वा यत्‌ कर्म, अग्नी: संबंधि वा यत्‌ कर्म तदग्निकर्म । D`alhan`a S. Su. 12/2
  • Cauterisation or scorching with the help of a directly heated instrument.


  • This procedure should not be done during S`harada and Greeshma Ritu.

Poorvakarma (Prerequisites):

Patient preparation:

  • Diet having Pichchhila (slimy which is Pittaghna) property should be administered beforehand except incases of As`hmaree, Ars`ha, Bhagandara, Udara and Mukharoga.


  • For the cauterisation at the level of skin Pippalee, Ajaa S`hakrit, Godanta, S`hara and S`halaakaa should be used.
  • For the cauterisation at the level of Maamsa Dhaatu, Jaambvausht`haadi Loha S`halaakaa should be used.
  • For the cauterisation at the level of Siraa, Snaayu and Asthi; Kshaudra, Gud`a and Sneha should be used. The cauterisation at this level should be done only to stop bleeding and not for any disease at that level, as the diseases involving Siraa, Snaayu and Asthi get cured by cauterisation at the level of Maamsa Dhaatu.
  • The patient should sit facing east or sleep with his/her head towards east.
  • The cauterisation should be done with a heated instrument.
  • A suitable type of the cauterisation should be done depending upon the site. Following are the types Valaya, Ardhachandra, Svastika, Asht`apada, Bindu, Rekhaa, Pratisaaran`a.
  • The cauterisation should be done till the signs and symptoms of Samyak Dagdha appear.
  • Boiling oil should be used if the limb gets separated as in thunder burns or electrical burns.
  • The cauterisation should be done after the Chhedana of big piles in strong patients.


  • Application of honey and cows ghee as general application if patient gets accidental burn.
  • For Sneha Dagdha, Rooksha application should be done and for Rooksha Dagdha, Sneha application should be done.

Benefits of Agni Karma:

  • If there is no relief from pain by Snehana and Svedana, Raktamokshan`a should be carried out followed by cauterisation.
  • S`hoola Pras`hamana
  • शाम्यत्वेवं न चेच्छूलं स्निग्धस्विन्नस्य मोक्षयेत्‌॥
    तत: सिरां दहेद्वाऽपि मतिमान्‌ कीर्तितं यथा॥ S.U. 17/94
  • Gives relief from intense pain due to Vaata situated in Tvak, Maamsa, Siraa, Snaayu, Sandhi and Asthi.
  • The procedure should be repeated till one gets complete relief from pain.
  • Kshaarat Agni Gareeyasi Cauterisation is more effective than the application of Pratisaaran`eeya Kshaara.
  • Apunarbhava Chikitsaa
  • S`hon`ita Aasthaapana

Samyak Dagdha Lakshan`a:

  • Adequate Tvak DagdhaLakshan`a Sound like Chur, bad smell and contraction of skin.
  • Adequate Maamsa Dagdha Lakshan`a Appearance of grey colour, mild pain and mild oedema and wound dries and shrinks.
  • Adequate Siraa and Snaayu Dagdha Lakshan`a Appearance of Krishn`a Varn`a and Unnata(Raised)wound, secretions decrease.
  • Adequate Sandhi and Asthi Dagdha Lakshan`a Wound dries and turns S`hyaama Varn`a, Karkas`ha and Sthira.

Other Description:

  • The depth of cauterisation is important. Cauterisation at the depth of skin is for pain in Tvak and Maamsa. Deep cauterisation at the level of Maamsa is for pain in Siraa, Snaayu, Sandhi and Asthi. It can be done even at the level of Siraa, Snaayu, Sandhi and Asthi.
  • Knowledgeofमर्म sites is very important for the physician who wants to perform cauterisation.
  • In Kritamoola, Mahaavaastu, Kat`hina, Stimita and Guru Kaphaja Gulma cauterisation should be done after blood letting.
  • After S`hastrakarma, cauterisation should be done over Vartmaars`ha, S`hushkaars`ha (Netra Roga)and Arbuda Netra Roga.
  • Cauterisation should be done at the place of Paarshn`i in Atipravriddha Avasthaa of Visoochikaa.

Classification of अग्निकर्म:

  1. According to Vran`avastu:
    Maamsa Dagdha
    Siraa Snaayu Sandhi Dagdha
    Asthi Dagdha
  2. According to the shape:
  3. According to the material used :
    Sneha Dagdha
    Rooksha Dagdha

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