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व्यवहार में मानस प्रकृति अनुप्रयोग

Dr. V. Joglekar

Maanasa Prakriti determination helps in defining the approach to the patient while examination. Following are some of the guidelines the physician should follow according to the Maanasa Prakriti of the patient while examining.

Approach to patient according to Sattva

Saatvika Parkriti

  • Brahma Sattva :
  • Truthful approach
  • No concealment / euphemisms
  • No repetitions
  • Frankness on the part of doctor
  • Arsha Sattva :
  • Suggest rituals, systematic activity
  • Avoid repetitions
  • Give ample information
  • Frankness appreciated
  • Emotions should not be provoked
  • Rational explanations effective
  • Devoted to documentation
  • Aindra Sattva :
  • Do not contradict
  • Likes to do majestic / grand activities but they should not involve Hardship
  • Likes to take long term view
  • Extremely brave and proud
  • Radical preventive treatments can be suggested
  • Challenging pride may be very effective
  • Yaamya Sattva :
  • Does not hesitate to do whatever is necessary
  • Never breaks values systems
  • Therefore stress the need for intervention and most suitable timing
  • Provoking emotions usually not effective
  • Rational arguments effective
  • Goes by the book
  • Varun`a Sattva :
  • Hates uncleanliness
  • Brave and having fortitude
  • Suggest swimming for exercise
  • Does not like exertion
  • Anger and euphoria / magnanimous mood
  • Can be tapped
  • Likes group activity of ceremonious nature
  • Kaubera Sattva :
  • Wants specific environment – suggest special room
  • Proud challenge to pride is effective
  • Enjoys life and avoids sacrifice. Therefore difficult to persuade for radical treatments.
  • Enjoys company solitary types of activities need careful handling, counseling essential
  • Seeks comfort special room recommended
  • Does not conceal emotions so emotional status exam easy.
  • Gandharva Sattva :
  • Histrionic personality, Glamour & beauty treatment, Plastic surgery, flower therapy preferred.
  • Cannot tolerate celibacy. In equivalent treatments suggest does not grudge or envy others.

All above are Sattvika & desire good / healthy lifestyle. Social awareness marked. Have tendency for helping others. Emotional usually are in control. High intellect therefore a respectful & truthful approach is needed. Do not need repeated instructions.

Raajasa Prakriti :-

  • Asura Sattva :
  • Brave, fiery, grudging, envious, wealthy, scheming get out of control, has no pity, Narcissist personality.
  • Do not allow exploding, use praise and flattery
  • Look out for hidden agenda in such patients.
  • Extracting true facts or emotions requires delicate, insistent & deep probing with out provoking.
  • Raakshasa Sattva :-

Remains angry for long time, violent, seeks weak points in opponent and strikes those, vicious, large diet, prefers non-vegetarian diet, Profound sleep and efforts, competitive and envious
Controls anger, needs deep love from family members and competitiveness are the motivating factors.
Doctors should not show any weakness, does not forgive easily. Therefore long past history may be needed to explore cause of illness.

  • Pais`haacha Sattva :

Large diet but not selective, excessive sex drive, unhygienic habits, hates cleanliness, insecurity feeling very strong, bullies others, eccentric and improper habits and thought processes.
Approach: Fear is motivating factor, proper habits and behavior can be achieved through fear of punishment, withholding sexual activity might be greatest threat, which can be very effective.

  • Sarpa Sattva :

Brave when angry and afraid when calm, continuous activity harsh, agitated behavior, always under tension while harsh, agitated behavior, always under tension while eating and other activities.
Believes in magic remedies.
Does not like to be centre of attention.
Approach: Use of tranquilizers in moderation reassurance might lead to more tension and fear, ritualistic and pseudo magical approach can be effective giving mantra may act wonders.

  • Praita Sattva :

Always hungry, masochistic, envious, greedy, irrational, procrastinating, self pity and desire for pain
Approach: Rewards, especially food are motivating

  • Painful activities preferred
  • Do not use threats of pain
  • Withdrawal of food usually effective
  • S`hakuna Sattva :

Extreme sex drive, large diet, continuous activity, lacks concentration, unforgiving, does not hoard anything has very few possessions.
Approach: Attracting attention easy but sustaining concentration difficult. Requires frequent reminders, keep extra copies of documentation as patient is likely to misplace and loose his own copies. Rewards of diet or sex may act as motivating factors.
These are Rajas and Anger is the predominant emotion but physician approach will differ. Use of proper rewards and punishment (carrot and stick) gives excellent results. Tranquilizers are generally needed (use with caution in Sarpa Sattva).

Taamasa Prakriti:

  • Paas`hava Sattva :

Strongly negative attitude, secretive behavior likes to eat secretly, strong sex drive likes sleep.
Approach: might be secret drinker, deep probing and observation needed for finding out behavior pattern and diet rewards more effective, particularly of sexual nature, but punishments are also effective. Sleep deprivation can be an effective punishment.

  • Matsya Sattva :

Panicky, low intelligence, greedy for food, continuous sex drive, always angry, does not like to stay at one place, highly mobile, prefers water
Approach: Tranquillizers useful repeated reassurance and explanations needed punishments like withdrawal of food or sex.

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