विषय सूची पर जायें

नाड़ी रोग

S. Ni.10, S. Chi. 17, A. H. U. 29, M. N. 45

Naad`ee is anything tubular structure formed in the body due to the Vran`a.
Secretions are seen through this structure when it is developed on the wounded skin as if water flows in pipes (Pran`aalee).

Gati S. Ni. 10

Tvag Aadi Nives`haat Tasya Pooyasya Yad Atimaatram Gamanam Tato Gatih Iti Gateh Cha Uttaratra Gatih Iti Uchyate | S. Ni. 10.9 Gayadaasa.


  • Naad`ee Iva Yad Vahati Tena Mataa Tu Naad`ee | S. Ni. 10
  • Naad`ee Naad`ee Iva Samsriteh | A. H. U. 29.27
  • Naad`ee Antah S`hushira Lataadi Naad`eevat | M. N. 45.2 Madhukos`ha

A physician who neglects the Pakva S`hopha (by thinking that the S`hopha is not Pakva), or any wound which is abundant of Pooya (Pus) in a person who is consuming unwholesome diet; this Pus enters inside in to the Varn`a Vastu like Tvak, Maamsa etc. forming a tube like structure. It has inward direction so it is called as Gati.


  1. Vaataja
  2. Pittaja
  3. Kaphaja
  4. Saannipaatika
  5. S`halyanimittaja

The Naad`ee is Parusha and with small opening. There is Pain. There are frothy secretions (Saphena). There is more secretion in the night.

There is Trit`, Taapa, Toda, Sadana, Jvara. There are more secretions in the Day time. There are yellow and hot secretions.

There are Bahu, Ghana, white coloured, Pichchhila secretions. There is Kan`d`oo, Stimitatva, Kat`hinatva. There are more secretions in the night.

There are collective symptoms of the two Dosha.

Saannipaatika Naad`ee
There is Daaha, Javara, S`hvasana, Moorchchhana, Mukha S`hosha.
This is serious type of Naad`ee Roga. It is labeled as Ghora. It leads to the Death.
It is Asaadhya.

S`halyanimitaaja Naad`ee
Due to the S`halya (or foreign body), there are Phenila, Mathita, Asrig Vimis`hra, Ushn`a Sraava. There are sudden secretions. There is pain also.
According to Vaagbhat`a, there is TanuAlpa (scanty), Ushn`a (hot), SaraktaSapooya secretions.

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