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आयुर्वेद में साक्ष्य आधारित चिकित्सा को बेहतर बनाने में आयुसॉफ्ट की भूमिका

Dr.Yogesh Prabhune,

Documentation of Ayurvedic clinical data in standard format is necessary today. Such data can convince the world about safety and efficacy of Ayurvedic therapies. Present Ayurveda infrastructure in India includes more than 100 research and PG centers and half million of Ayurvedic practitioners. If all these institutes or individuals document clinical data in universal format then it will help us to form evidence base for Ayurveda.

AyuSoft is a comprehensive, interactive software system to assist medical practitioners and researchers in application of basic principles of Ayurveda, rational propagation of Ayurveda at global level. AyuSoft applications will help in creating this multi aspect, evidence base and integration of data from various centers and school of thoughts in a universal format.

AyuSoft Applications

  • Patient information management system: – It will help physician to document all clinical data (classical & contemporary) e.g. Lakshana, Hetu, Vyadhi, Dashavidha Parikshaa, Ashtavidha Parikshaa, Chikitsaa, contemporary etiological factors, signs & symptoms, investigations, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Diagnostics and Treatment: – Based on Hetu and Lakshana it will provide support for probable diagnosis & treatment of the classical diseases.
  • Prakriti Analysis: – This application is helpful in deciding Dosha Prakriti, Maanasa Prakriti and Dhaatu Saarataa of an individual.
  • Anveshaka: – It is a data-mining tool with more than 4 lac records from classical text using permutations & combinations of more than 250 search criteria.
  • Case Analysis: – This tool is useful for extensive for clinical data analysis with more than 200 search criteria. Multidimensional analysis of clinical data can generate many innovative findings and its correlation, those could form basis of further biomedical research.
  • Customized Master list: – It is useful to document cotemporary etiological factors, signs & symptoms, diseases, diet & lifestyle, investigations, formulations.
  • Encyclopedia: It consists of digitalized text, glossary, video clips of therapeutic procedure, audio files of mantra, articles, images etc.

User can access all above applications through internet, intranet or desktop solution. User can import & export data, which will be useful for multi-centric trials. Data captured against a patient or a healthy individual will be useful for extensive analysis resulting in creation of evidence based Ayurveda.

Using these applications, we can analyze clinical data as follows,


  • Display :- Classical diagnosis + Dosha Avasthaa + Dhaatu Avasthaa of patients
    Input: – Contemporary diagnosis = AIDS
  • Display: – Hetu of patients suffering from C.R.F.
  • Show me patients & their classical Lakshana (Purvarupa Avasthaa) suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Display effect of medicine Aarogyavardhini in patients of Hepatitis
  • Show me Dosha Prakriti, Dhatu Sarataa of patients suffering from Pandu
  • Show me Nadi characteristics of patients of Vataja Hridroga
  • Show me no. of patient
    Input: – Classical diagnosis:-Amlapitta + contemporary Hetu :- Pizza
  • Show me number of individuals having Kapha Prakriti in which characteristics = Mahalalaata is present.
  • Display visit wise data and percentage of relief in patients of Lakshana Sandhi Shula treated with Abhyanga of Visha Garbha Taila.

The major achievement will be generation of evidence base through extensive and authentic documentation using AyuSoft by Ayurvedic physician, educational institutes, research institutes and hospitals all over the world. We can integrate this data to form a central scientific evaluation based knowledge repository. Based on this data we can provide scientific foundation for Ayurveda, which is the need of the day.

Dr.Yogesh Prabhune,
Research fellow,
AyuSoft Team,
Center for Development of Advanced Computing, Pune

Last updated on March 8th, 2021 at 10:27 am

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