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सूतिका परिचर्या

Apartfrom the normal diet and life style, the term Paricharyaa denotes the rules regarding the specific diet and life style which has been suggested for Sootikaa. During Sootikaa Avasthaa, since all Dhaatu decrease and become lay due to development of foetus, due to labour pains and loss blood; her digestive power, muscle power and strength decrease, hence greater attention has to be given to her.

According to Ayurveda the term Sootikaa (puerperal woman) can be used only after expulsion of placenta. Regarding Sootikaa Kaaala (duration of puerperium) Sus`hruta and Vaagbhat`a have said it to be of one and half month duration. Some suggest the duration of puerperium till the onset of her menstrual cycle, while Kaas`hyapa has mentioned the puerperium duration of six month. The main emphasis of Ayurveda for सूतिका परिचर्या is for Agni Rakshaa, to prevent vitiation of Vaata Dosha and to regain the normal physiology and psychology.

सूतिका परिचर्या (Management of puerperal woman):

General Management:

  1. Puerperal woman should be given massage, oral administration of Vasaa, Sneha with medicines and Panchakola decoction for three to seven days after delivery.
  2. After digestion of the Sneha, Snehayukta Panchakola Siddha Yavaagoo should be given which the woman can easily digest, as diet.
  3. After this, her abdomen should be massaged and wrapped properly with a big clean cloth to prevent vitiation of Vaata Dosha.
  4. During both times i.e. morning and evening irrigation or bath with hot water should be given. After that Yavaagoo should be given. This regimen should be followed for three, five or seven nights along with light diet comprising, soup of Yava, Kola and Kulattha.
  5. Masaage with Balaa oil should be followed by consumption of Bhadradaarvyaadi decoction.
  6. Puerperal woman should avoid anger, exercise, cold air and coitus.
  7. The woman unfit for use of oily substances should be given either Laghupanchamoola decoction or drugs capable of suppressing Vaata Dosha.
  8. After twelve nights, giving due consideration to strength and digestive capacity, gradual strengthening should be done by meat soup of wild animals, decoction of Jeevaneeya, Brimnhan`eeya, Madhura, Vaataghna drugs, in form of massage, irrigation and bathing.
  9. Puerperal woman should use specifically Rakshoghna and beneficial substances.
  10. Detailed management should be done, giving due consideration to place of living, and traditions of the family.

Specific Management:

This includes the puerperal management on basis of living places.

  1. Aanoopa Desha: Due to dominance of moisture in this area, initially Vasaa should not be used. Agni and Balavardhaka Man`d`a etc. should be used. All Ushn`a drugs, sudation and sleeping in wind free place are beneficial.
  2. Jaangala Desha: The woman of this area should be given with Ghritaadi Sneha in good quantity with decoction of Pippalee for Balavatee woman for three or five nights. For Abalavatee woman Yavaagoopaana should be given for three or five nights. Puerperal woman should avoid anger, exercise and coitus.
  3. Saadhaaran`a Desha: The woman should follow general or average (use of neither too Snigdha nor Rooksha substances) regulations.
  4. Oil or Ghrita should be given for drinking in case of delivery of male or female child respectively. Yavaagoopaana should be given for three or five nights followed by Man`d`a etc.
  5. If any complication occurs then management should be done according to particular disease. As purifying measures can not be given, hence the diseases developing during this stage become incurable or get cured with difficulty.

General treatment of Sootikaa Diseases:

  1. Avoidance of etiological factors is the best treatment.
  2. She should be treated with good efforts by giving congenial diet and proper masaage, anoinment, irrigation and Ghrita , oil or decoction prepared with Jeevaneeya, Brimhan`eeya, Madhura, and Vaatahara drugs along with specific dietics.

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